How to Sell Used Electronics in 2021 - A Short Guide

How to Sell Used Electronics in 2021 – A Short Guide

Advancement of technology has had many boons over the years. It has enabled us to create an culture of learning, helped us stay in contact with our loved ones in far off lands and has helped science progress in innumerable measures. But everything comes with a price.

Due to this advancement we have been able to see an endless range of technological marvels. This also means that our lives and our pockets have become completely stuffed with all sorts of gadgets and devices. The rapid succession in technology has led us to become jaded with our devices faster than ever. We tend to buy new phones the month they drop and shove them in the deepest darkest corners of our closet once its successor arrives.

In order to declutter our homes and stop the environment from drowning in gadgets, it’s important that we cultivate a habit of recycling the devices that are no longer functional and selling the ones that we no longer intend to use.

But before selling your old electronics there are few things you must bear in mind that will help you in the long run. They are as follows:

1. Present your Device Beautifully

How to Sell Used Electronics in 2021 - A Short Guide

When it comes to making a sale, presentation goes a long way. Whether you’re selling your device online through a list of marketplaces that we’re going to discuss below, or in person, make sure your device is clean and presentable to someone who is willing to spend their hard earned money on it.

If your device looks dirty, full of dust around the button or has a cracked screen chances are it going to put off your potential buyer. This sort of appearance creates the impression that the device wasn’t cared for and will most like not function properly. If a buy gets such ideas he will not hesitate to call off the deal and look elsewhere. So make sure your phone, tablet or device looks neat and clean.

If you’re putting up an online listing then make sure the pictures that you upload bring out the best in your devices. Keep a few things in mind – make sure the background is contrasting to the device, pictures must be high quality and include all angles including charging port and removable parts if possible and all specifications are mentioned clearly. This will not only help you find the right buyers but will also solidify your chances of making the sale.

2. Include All Accessories

How to Sell Used Electronics in 2021 - A Short Guide


When a buyer looks to buy a device he expects it to include all peripheral accessories such as the original packaging, the charger and other accessories that were originally promised with the device buy the seller company.
You may or may not be able to charge a few extra bucks if you include all the essentials but you will most definitely lose money if you don’t, even if the deal goes through. If possible, keep necessary documents such as the warranty card and sale receipt handy. This will add to the validity of your product and help the buyer buy the device off your hard with peace of mind.

3. Be Transparent

If you are dishonest about the product you’re selling – be it date of purchase, reason for cosmetic damage or technical specifications – chances are you will never be able to make another sale, especially if your product is listed online. Before buying any product, as a consumer yourself, you will read online reviews to see if the product is worth buying or not. When you are on the other side of the table, make sure you don’t do anything that will earn you a bad review. There are many people trying to sell used phones online so a potential customer will just move on the next listing and you’ll be one incurring the loss.

Now, that our selling guidelines are out of the way let’s talk about where you can sell your used electronics.


1. SellCell

SellCell makes selling your electronics easy and hassle-free. All you have to do is enter the item you want to sell and they compile a list of top buyers for you. Not only does SellCell let you sell smartphones but they undertake sale of Tablets, gaming devices, Smart home tech such as Alexa and Echo, GoPros and DSLRs and other smart wearables. It is also a great place to sell your apple watch and other iPhone accessories. SellCell typically pays out via PayPal, check or Amazon e-gift card.

2. Declutter

Declutter is an easy-to-use site that lets you get rid of your electronics, video games, tablets, cell phones, CDs and DVDs. If you use the app, it has a bar-code scanner, which makes listing your items even easier and more accurate. Simply select the product you want to sell to, input specific model information, condition, included accessories, and you’ll get a quote on the spot. The best part is there are no shipping costs to send your items in to Declutter and you’ll be paid via PayPal the next day after your items are received.


3. Facebook Marketplace

For selling your electronic items, the Facebook marketplace can be a new thing for you. Comparatively, a newer website to sell stuff online but the goal here is to create a more secure location where people can buy and sell locally. It serves more as a listing portal. The best part is that you don’t pay a single penny as a listing fee to sell your used electronics – no middleman. Neighborhood sellers will use terms like PPU (Porch Pick Up) to help transactions go smoother. Simply put your item out on the porch, schedule the pick-up and transfer the money via Zelle, Venmo, PayPal or whatever medium both parties agree on.


4. Buy Back World

Buy Back World is very similar to another renowned e-marketplace called Gazelle. You enter the details about your electronic item, they give you an instant quote, and if you accept it they send you a box for shipping. Quick and simple. Right?

When the product arrives, they inspect it and pay as promised if the condition is as stated, or send you a counteroffer if it’s not. You have thirty days to accept the offer after it’s given following which you’ll need to resubmit for a new offer price. This is one of the most trusted websites as it allows users to complete a transaction when both parties are satisfied.


5. SellBroke

SellBroke takes electronic devices for trade-in even if they aren’t in proper working order which makes it a top pick for sellers looking to sell older devices that are no longer in production. They take in a variety of different electronic items such as Laptops, MacBooks, Smart phones – both iPhones and Android, iPads, Desktops, Tablets, GoPros and other cameras, 3D printers, Drones, Smartwatches, gaming consoles and a lot more.

To be frank, selling my MacBook Pro was the smoothest online selling experience with SellBroke. upon accepting their offer, they send you a free pre-paid shipping label. Put the label on a box, properly pack your items and send them in. Getting your money is also simply, they provide payouts either via PayPal or check.

How to Sell Used Electronics in 2021 - A Short Guide


There you have it. These are out top picks on marketplaces to sell your electronics online. A few honourable mentions are Gadget Salvation, SellShark, GizMogul, Craigslist, GoGizmo, uSell, EcoATM, eBay, Amazon Marketplace and Swappa.

However, we do recommend you try your hand with us at first before researching other websites since we provide some of the best deals and have had successful track record in the past.

Letting your devices rot in drawers is a waste of equity, so make sure you cash in on them as quick as possible!

Recycling Old Phones and Electronics - How It Can Save the Environment

Recycling Old Phones and Electronics – How It Can Save the Environment

Ever wonder what happens to all your old electronics when you dump them in the garbage? How many electronics do you think one household generates in a year; probably not a lot right? I mean how much harm could a phone or a tablet really do?

According to the Global E-Waste Monitor 2020 report, we have collectively generated over 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste in 2019 with numbers almost doubling the following year. We have been witnessing upward trends since the last 5 years and worst part is very little of all the e-waste generated is ever recycled. In fact, only a mere 17.3% of all this waste were recycled.

Now, we know that a lot of precious metals are used in the manufacturing of phones and other electronics. Which means that an estimated $60 billion (yes, that Billion with a “B”) worth of gold, silver, copper, platinum and other high-value, recoverable materials used as components were mostly dumped or burned rather than being collected for treatment and reuse in new electronics or as spare parts and repair materials for old ones.

At this point, E-waste generation leading to global warming should be the least of our worries. When e-waste isn’t treated properly and put into recycle plants, they tend to pollute water bodies along with all the marine and aquatic life in it. People consume all kinds of foods that come from these water bodies which ultimately leads to a plethora of health problems including mercury positing and other non-reversible health issues.

Adding to the already larger than life air pollution problems in major cities across the world, a whopping 98 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents were released into the atmosphere as a result of inadequate recycling in 2020.


Recycling Old Phones and Electronics - How It Can Save the Environment


Waste management systems are so ineffective but who is to be blamed for it; the consumers, the recycling authorities, the consumers? When you see piles of old monitor screens, desktop computers, broken landline telephones, mobile handsets, televisions, voltage stabilizers, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and washing machines outside repair stores and feel helpless, remember that we all had a hand to play in them ending up there.

So, what can we do as consumers to lessen the devastating impact of e-waste generation?

Here are a few things that can save the planet little by little if conscious effort is put into it:

1. Consider Refurbished Cell Phones

The cell phone market is teeming with all kinds of fancy gadgets that overcrowd the shelves all year round. As consumers we have TONS and TONS of options to skim through when buying a new phone. So, what the problem, right? When there are so many options made available to the population at affordable prices, people tend to turn a blind eye to the “cheaper” alternatives. There’s a notion in the consumerist market that the more expensive an item is the better the quality. This cannot be farther from the truth.

In today’s electronics market you will find fleets of options in refurbished cell phones that not only look and feel new but also work just as well as new phones. Many start-ups that come up with an initiative to save the planet and in doing so provide high quality refurbished cell phones that one can take his pick from. They’re most of high-quality and render superb services.

Of course, it is the duty of the consumer to conduct through research before buying a refurbished electronic item since there are quite a few people out there taking advantage of this newly formed market, scamming people for their selfish endeavours.

If you’re looking to buy used phones or even put up your old phones for sale, SmartphonesPLUS is the perfect solution for you. We undertake all kinds of buying and selling of old phones so make sure to start your research with our page at

2. Each Component Plays a Part

Did you know that a single recycled cell phone can save enough energy to power a laptop for almost two days? Now, going by above estimates of how much waste is actually generated, we can harness enough power from just recycled cell phones alone to provide electricity to a million homes for 5 to 6 whole years as per current usage trends.
But hold on, it doesn’t end there. We all know by now that mobile phones are composed of different important elements such as gold, silver, palladium, mercury, etc. which can be recovered if they are properly recycled. The elements are highly functional and cost a lot, reusing means there is less need to mine for these components which will end up saving the environment and also brining down production costs which means more money can be directed towards the lower income groups helping them live better lives.

Ignoring all these factors would mean deliberately green-lighting the onslaught of a global catastrophe.

3. Declutter Your Mind and Your Homes

Recycling Old Phones and Electronics - How It Can Save the Environment

Recycling is such an important part of future societies, it CANNOT be stressed enough. Knowing that you are doing your part in saving the planet (no matter how small your actions might feel) has got to be one of the most relieving feelings ever. De-cluttering your home by taking out all used, non-functioning electronics that have been laying in your dresser for months has got to come with a sigh of relief.

As consumers, we not only have the power to raise issues on a public front regarding efficient waste management but we can also do our part in making sure all the e-waste generated doesn’t end up in landfills and ocean floors. There are many non-profits and unorganized groups that do active work to make sure all the e-waste actually ends up in recycling plants.

When it comes to saving the planet, every little effort can go a long way.

Recycling not only helps the planet but also helps the less privileged earn their daily bread and butter who put in hours scouring through waste for old discarded electronics. In fact, even if your phone is not refurbish-able, many charities will recycle the components and precious metals within your phone and use the money to support people in need or the environment.

In this fight against global e-waste generation we must all come together in unison to win this war so future generations have something to look forward to. Here’s to a better, greener future!

How to Buy a Used Phone – The Complete Guide

Are you looking to buy a new phone any time soon? If you’re a smartphone connoisseur or would call yourself tastefully economical then used phones are your thing. Pre-owned phones are the new black. Anybody and everybody that wishes to save a few extra hundred bucks on a new, in this case pre-owned, phone will most certainly consider this option even if they’re not firm believers in good quality second hand phones.

Smartphones these days – be it Android, Apple, Windows or Blackberry – are extremely expensive and will most probably require you to save up in order to get a new phone. These phones range from $800 all the way up to $1600 on top variants. Gone are the days when you could get a great, all-round phone for under $800.


A lot of these phones carry immense processing power, improved camera abilities and a whole band of new features that most of us don’t even use. Such features are so high-tech that only people who know their way around such devices and those who have a real NEED for such high-tech phones and use them thoroughly.

For the most of us, these phones are underutilised and overexpensive for the amount of apps or features we actually access on them. Therefore it is best to buy what you need and not what’s new or popping. Refurbished cell phones are just as good, if not better, since you get them at slashed rates while they perform the same functions a new one would. So now, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

When to buy a used cell phone?

Since you’re here reading this article you are probably wondering when would be the right time to buy a used phone… Well, take it with a grain of salt that you’ll probably have to wait on a new release to buy the phone you’re currently eyeing. Let me break it down for you.

Apple usually releases their new line-up in the fall, around September through November. So, for example, if you’re eyeing the current latest iPhone 12 Pro Max then my advice to you would be to hold out until Apple drops their next line of iPhones – the 13 series – before you begin researching the second hand market for the best iPhone 12 deals. At this very moment the iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 GB model is holding a value of $1050 in the pre-owned market.

Safe to say, you must have a budget if you’re trying to get your hands on a high-end phone. Even the iPhone 11’s top variant, i.e. the Pro Max with 512 GB memory is going for nearly $900. As for Android, you don’t need to eye the latest phones per se because most of their phones, be it Samsung, Oppo, Vivo or OnePlus, have predecessor models that are just as good as their current latest models.

Of course they also have a high-end section that caters to professional mobile requirements so if you want a used Android phone the best time would be in the early months of the year when these companies release their new phones. Keep an eye out for price drops on your favorite phones February through May.

Inspect the Smartphone


I think it goes without saying that you must inspect your phone before you buy it. When buying a new phone, or an old one in this case, make sure to check all its functions before paying the seller. A lot of phones will appear perfect on the outside but might be lagging or not processing data optimally. You won’t come to know of it until you actually open and run all the apps on it.

Many phones that are resold, are made to look great externally but might have serious problems such as overheating or loss of data. These issues are not something you will come to know about from a quick glance and a well-lit selfie at the store. Most buyers have this notion that they’ll browse through the particulars of the phone later but this thought can be detrimental to your pockets if the phone you just bought won’t even make a call without shutting down a couple of times.

When buying a used phone run diagnostics on the hardware by looking up your phone’s manufacturer and model number online and use that to conduct a thorough hardware check. Follow this up with carefully going through all the major apps and features that you are most likely to use such as the camera, touchscreen, voice recorder, video function, music playback, notepad, the keypad (if any) , the timer, all the major social media apps, the storage, the battery life and more.

You are under no obligation to buy the phone the first instance you lay eyes on it. So take your time to thorough inspect every little detail because at the end of the day you are paying for it out of your own pocket so make sure you’re not robbed off a good deal, especially when there are so many great phones and great deals out there.

Check the Phone’s Exterior and Battery Life


Make sure to check the phone’s body for any sort of hidden damages. The real problem lies in the fact that we don’t know how these damages were caused or how bad they are. Minor scratches here and there are fine but don’t buy a phone if it has a cracked screen or a lose body cover.

Such damages usually mean that the phone has seen its fair bit of accidents and might have incurred internal damage which will cause the phone to malfunction at some point in the future. If the back has a couple of scratches, it works since you’ll probably have a back cover for that. But if the earphone jack or the charging port is damaged, it’ll render your phone useless. Therefore it is important to check for any and all cosmetic damages and battery life before settling on a phone from a given seller.

Buying an Unlocked Phone – What you need to know

When you buy a new phone you are most likely to get an unlocked phone, especially if you choose to buy it from the Apple store or any Android phone outlet for that matter. When you buy an unlocked phone you get the option to pick and choose which carrier you want on your phone based on past experiences and preference.

Unlocked phones give you the freedom to use Dual SIMs in one phone. This is great for people who network extensively and need more than one number. It helps keep social groups separate and bring order to the way one chooses to use their phones. Unlocked Dual SIM phones are gaining more and more popularity by the day due to their obvious superior functional benefits.

Buying a phone from a carrier though, is a whole different story. Many, or rather most carriers lock the phones they sell in order to ensure their customers don’t switch to a different network for as long as they don’t pay off the phone or to lock down on their consumer base. This has its own benefits however – carriers offer a lot of schemes and plans to lure consumers in to pick them over other carriers. This helps the buyer save a few extra bucks and. Some major carriers such as Verizon and T-Mobile often have many offers on and about so make sure to check those out before settling on a carrier.

Determine the right Carrier for your Phone


Buying a used or a new phone for that matter, that isn’t compatible with your carrier or network provider isn’t the greatest idea. When you buy a used phone it is important to note which carrier is being used in it. Many used phones that are up for resale won’t have a pre-loaded carrier. In which case it becomes easy to put whatever carrier you want in it.

For instance, if you’ve got a Verizon SIM on you and wish to buy a used phone it is best to look up phones that are compatible with Verizon. The best place to find that is with Verizon itself. Carriers take care of the whole process since it also benefits them. This way, carriers can retain and grow their customer base, and you – the customer – won’t have to get a new carrier or end up with a toy phone without service.

To make things smoother, if you’re the type of person that favors a certain carrier over others, it is best to head to the network provider store and purchase a refurbished cell phone from them. This saves you the trouble of having to find compatible phones and carriers and you can get done with the process a lot quicker.

Check Network Compatibility


The phone you buy with a carrier will have a certain level of signal strength where you live or buy it from. Before you finalize on a phone make sure to check the signal strength in your area. For example, AT&T has been shown to have good network all across the United States except for a few states down South but in the North Western states it is completely overhauled by Verizon.

Sprint has been shown to have decent network coverage in very few states most in the central region and completely losing hand on the East Coast states to AT&T and T-Mobile. Therefore it is important to look up different network provider standings in you r location before you buy an phone with a carrier. Basing your purchase on this will go a long way to provide you great service for however long you choose to use the phone before switching over a new one.

Make Sure the Phone Wasn’t Reported Stolen


Many-a-times stolen phones will end up on the resale market since many dealers are looking to make a quick profit and won’t bother to find out if the phones are reported stolen or not. This does not affect them per se, since you, the buyer, are responsible for using the phone at the end of the day.

It goes without saying that any article that is or may be tied to a criminal investigation reeks of trouble. A stolen phone may bring with it many problems and if you don’t have proper certification of the phone you buy, which includes the date and location of purchase, you might have to have the consequences. Taking on such a huge responsibility is truly not worth it.

In order to be certain you’re not falling prey to a stolen phone, check for things like the original box, the user manual and all connecting cords. Having all of these present is a good sign since thieves will not have had the opportunity to pick up the whole set while trying to pick pocket a phone at random.

Sellers much also go the extra length to verify the authenticity of the phone by cross checking the IMEI number with database records to check for stolen and or reported phones. The authenticity and credibility of a seller will play a huge role and making sure you don’t commit a blunder.

Buy From a Trusted Seller – Where to Buy From


Which brings is to the next point – buying from a trusted seller/reseller. When buying a used or refurbished phone is it important to employ discretion.

There are two ways to buy a second-hand phone. You either walk into a brick and mortar store and browse the shelves for the perfect phone or shop online from (preferably) one of the trusted online marketplaces such as SmartphonesPLUS, eBay Gazelle or Swappa. Buying a phone from a physical store is much easier and leaves less up to fate.

Purchasing a phone online, however, isn’t that simple. You will be sharing your payment information, bank routing number and address with a stranger on the internet which carries a certain level of danger value with it.

In order to make sure you don’t let hundreds of dollars go to waste, do your due diligence and check for certain pointers before making a purchase. If your online seller has gotten one too many bad reviews or their website looks dingy, trust your instincts. Do NOT go ahead and gamble your hard earned money on something you can’t control after. Always make sure to check for image reviews from previous buyers. If anything seems off you are under no constriction to continue on that particular website.

Feel free to take some time to research the market, locally and online, before you go ahead and pay someone for a phone. If you do happen to buy a phone from a store, check its reviews online before doing so. This is all to ensure you don’t get duped since electronics are easily manipulable and might stop working after a certain time, given it’s a pre-owned phone.

Consider the Software Updates


With the rapid progression in mobile technology, new software updates are being released every other day. When buying a used phone check the software that is pre-installed in it. Most older Android phones will not be able to support the newer system updates as the competition in the Android market in fierce and all phone companies are trying to one-up each other continuously.

As such a phone that is 2 or 3 years old is practically just that, an old phone. It will probably not be able to support the newer OS hence you might want to look for something that isn’t more than a year old. Prices on such phones also come accordingly so you’ll be getting a great out of it. iPhones on the other hand are able to not only support and run newer OS’s but also maintain a certain level of brand value that Androids don’t due to the market saturation, so if you wish to sell it after a year of use you are more likely to get a better deal on an old iPhone XR than on a Samsung Galaxy On Series phone.

When buying a phone it is also important to keep the resale value in mind and knowing how well the software is going to stack up against phones that will be in circulation a year after you purchase your phone, will go a long way in determining which phone you buy.

Check the Return Policy

This may sound frugal but the money you spend on buying a phone is yours and you must have the right to get it back if you find yourself dissatisfied with your purchase. Most trusted sellers will give you a timeframe of 2 to 3 weeks to check out your phone and see if you really wish to keep it.

A seller that doesn’t provide you with a decent return policy is probably not too sure about the quality of the device and is only looking to make a purchase and get the device off their hands. In such cases, do not bend to the whims of the seller and immediately call it off. You must be able to go through each and every function of the phone and decide for yourself whether to keep or return it so you can buy a different phone – something better suited to your needs.

There must be a reason behind you opting for a particular phone due to a certain feature or an emotional attachment to a certain model. So if you find that lacking you should be able to continue your search. Hence, it is important to buy the phone from a seller with a flexible return policy.


Compare Prices

Any sensible consumer knows to compare prices before buying a phone from a specific seller. Know the going rate on the phone that you want and look for a seller that is willing to give you a good deal on it. You do not have to buy the first phone you see so take your time and research prices on different online marketplaces before paying a heavy sum of cash that you might not get back. Some of the most popular sites to buy refurbished cell phones from are Swappa, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Gazelle, Declutter, SellCell and SmartphonesPLUS.

Buy Used Cell Phones at SmartphonesPLUS


At we cater to whole array of smartphone needs. Whether you wish to sell your iPhone or Android device, or buy one for that matter, we are happy to assist you in your search and help find the best phone for you.

We have a whole line-up of high quality used, pre-owned and refurbished cell phones that have undergone stringent quality checks to deliver the best smartphones to you.

Buying a second-hand phone has never been easier so click here to know more about what we have to offer. Happy Shopping!!

iPhone 13 Launch – All the Talks, Specs and Release Date

iPhone 13 Launch – All the Talks, Specs and Release Date

The Much Awaited and Highly Rumored Apple iPhone 13

Apple has been a leader in the smartphone segment for as long as we can remember and they don’t plan to stop or slow down any time soon. All of Apple’s old launches have been hits for the most part with some collective criticism. If we’re being honest, that collective criticism is what led Apple to continue re-innovating and re-designing their products year after year. Over the years Apple has reinvented themselves time and time again. And with the Apple iPhone 13 they plan to outdo themselves yet again.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

What is the iPhone 13 going to be like?

There is a lot of speculation around what the Apple iPhone 13 is going to bring to the table. How are they going to innovate something that gives the 12 series a run for its money?! After all, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has shattered records across the board. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has smashed all benchmarks – both technical and otherwise – leaving behind the leading Android phones in the dust. Apple has not given out any official statements on what the iPhone 13 is going to look like or how they are going to price it. But there are many sources online that brag about having the latest leaks on the impending iPhone 13.

How true will these claims ring, is yet to be seen.

That being said, there are quite a few rumors going around in the market that suggest a few revolutionary changes to be incorporated into their next release.

Top Features of iPhone 13 at a Glance

Some of the most speculated features that Apple plans to carry in the new iPhone 13 are:
• Apple Talk – to help devices connect and function faster
• Touch ID on the screen
• A brand new 120Hz display
• A Bionic A15 chip
• Flashy new Camera upgrades

Let’s go through them one at a time.

The Design

Apple plans to follow up the 12 series with yet another line-up of 4 models. As for the body, many iPhone fans are speculating that the iPhone 13 rumors about it having a new notch is actually true. We might get to see renewed top notch designs.

Considering Apple’s plans on bringing Touch ID back, the top notch being brought down in size by tweaking the previous Face ID unlocking system on the iPhone 12 series sits right. The iPhone 12 has a separate infrared flood illuminator for security and a sensor and dot projector which Apple plans to comprise into a smaller singular unit thus shrinking the notch and making more room for the screen which is rumored to feature a 120Hrz Pro Motion display, the first time ever in an iPhone.

There are speculations about Apple possibly including another front camera in its place though; however nothing can be said for sure at this moment in time.

Over the years Apple has been working to reduce the number of ports and slowly but surely transition into a truly port-less design. With the introduction of MegSafe and Wireless Charging, the new iPhone 13 might just give us a glimpse into what Apple has in store for us in the future. The new design is anticipated to be highly technologically advanced that won’t just crush benchmarks but will have you drooling over their sleek new designs as well.

The Camera

If there is ANYTHING at all, that even non-iPhone users look forward to in the latest iPhones are their cameras. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max feature some of the latest ground-breaking technology in mobile phone cameras having incorporated. With Wide and Ultrawide angle cameras the 12 Series blew the competition out of the water.
The Night Mode Portrait on the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max allows users to capture stunning low-light images while not sacrificing on pixel quality. As for the day time images, Apple built in SmartHDR3 into their cameras that captures crystal clear shots even with bright light; beautifully soothing out the texture, gradient, skin tone, saturation and other tiny little details and adjustments that truly bring the images to life.

On the new iPhone 13, these features are only expected to get better. As history would have it, Apple likes to take things a couple steps farther with each launch so the top variant on the iPhone 13 series is something we can’t imagine and no matter how much jittery or eager we are, we will simply have to wait it out till Apple decides to bless us with it.

Nonetheless, sources have confirmed that their new Quad camera setting will feature 10x Pro Zoom. The only phone that has managed to pull that off is the Samsung S21 Ultra which not only left the 12 series behind in terms of zoom but also gave it stiff competition in image stabilization and 4k recording and 4k 60 fps on their front camera. Now this is new stand-off is something that has all smartphone aficionados on the edge of their seats.

iPhone 13 Launch – All the Talks, Specs and Release Date

Release Date and Price

The much awaited Apple iPhone 13 series is anticipated to drop its first model in the month of September in 2021. All older iPhones were also released around the same time so mid-September is when we’ll probably see the new iPhone 13.

As for the price, the lowest in the series is said to be priced around USD $850, around £700 in the UK and close to $1400 in Australia. Now this is all based on rumor and postulation based on Apple’s behaviour and track record so far. These prices may fluctuate depending on what features, add-ons and new offers Apple comes up with.
Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few extra bucks saved just in case you can’t resist buying the new iPhone right off the shelf. You can always sell your used phone to us here at SmartphonesPLUS and help edge closer to that 13 budget.

Here at SmartphonesPLUS we put you on the best refurbished phones for sale so if you wish to get a pre-owned iPhone, say the iPhone X, XR or 11 Pro Max, we can get you some of the best deals on it here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the awaited iPhone 13 so let us know what you think it’s going to feature in the comments below!!

Which Apple Watch to Buy 1

Which Apple Watch to Buy?

Can you guess when was the first smartwatch released? On 10 June 1998 Seiko released the world’s first smartwatch, the Ruputer. By today’s standard, the Ruputer isn’t really worth a raised eyebrow, but at the backend of the 20th century, it was pioneering technology. We sure have come a long way since then and boy am I glad.

Apple looked at the older smart watches that Acer and other Android innovators had created and saw a huge untapped potential in the idea of a smart watch; a device that not only tells the time and monitors your heart rate, but also answer calls, take notes and even play music.

Smart watches grew immensely popular due to a variety of factors but let’s be honest, we all love the idea of giving commands to a wearable device feeling like a secret undercover agent like in old Bard Bird and Christopher McQuarrie movies.

Which Apple Watch to Buy


But the real question is DO YOU REALLY NEED AN APPLE WATCH?

There is no contradiction to the fact that Apple has created the best smart watches ever. There are other popular smart watch brands like Fitbit, and Samsung and Fossil have also ventured into the smartwatch market but Apple stands to DOMINATE this sector and rather effortlessly. Apple secured a hefty 40% market share in smart watches in the year 2020 with over a hundred million users and their numbers continue to rise as we speak.

So, whether or not you NEED an Apple Watch really depends on what features you wish to use and what could come handy to you. With the large array of features they offer it’s no wonder Apple has scored such huge figures. Apple has dropped a new generation of the Apple Watch every September called the Apple Series 1, Series 2, so on and so forth. Each Series has been initially sold in multiple variants differentiated externally by the watch’s casing material, the color and size, except of course, for the budget watches Series 1 and SE which were released only in aluminium.

It was really in the third generation that Apple Watches really became a household name. With built-in GPS and GLONASS Apple began experimenting with all kinds of apps and features that they could pack into this state-of-the-art technological advancement. Right now we’re on the Apple Watch Series 6 and things are looking very interesting indeed.

Let’s have a look at some IRRISISTABLE FETURES on the new Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple has taken your health into consideration and decided to put the latest health monitoring technology into your Apple Watch. Now you can blood oxygen level thanks to their revolutionary new sensor and the Blood Oxygen App. You can also measure your ECG and sleep patterns. Apple can now help you monitor your sleeping habits and suggest methods to improve it too.

However it must be noted that the Blood Oxygen app measurements are not intended for medical use, including self-diagnosis or consultation with a doctor and are only designed for general fitness and wellness purposes. As a responsible individual you must take into account that these devices may not be a 100% accurate and must see a physician if you really feel the need to.

Which Apple Watch to Buy 1

The Apple Watch also helps you track your daily activity and your fitness levels when you work out. Whether you’re running, swimming, dancing or practicing yoga, Apple can now measure your every move and give you comprehensible figures such as Total Calories Burned, Distance covered /Steps taken and many more. You can choose to see what you want by changing the display settings at will.

With the all new Always-On Retina Display and Built-in Cellular, you can do just about anything like answer calls, send messages, give commands to Siri to makes searches or even stream songs directly from Apple Music on your watch. Apple has also gone the extra mile to work with popular fashion icons like Nike and Hermès to design the perfect watch for the modern man.

Which brings us to the next point – Apple Watch Bands. The one thing Apple had kept in mind while designing the watch bands is style AND how their users can maintain a style even with a upgrade to hardware. Through the Apple Watch Series 4 to 6 the bands on these watches remained almost the same. The same band that fit the first generation of Apple Watches will also fit the new 5 Series.

Which Apple Watch to Buy 2

Each Apple Watch comes with a rather simple release button that allows the user to quickly switch the bands out as per the occasion. Whether you’re looking to match your Apple Watch with a particular outfit for a wedding, or strap on a simple Leather strap to go with your casual attire or you want to switch to a more breathable band for your morning run, Apple Watch’s quick release bands are the talk of the town.

Although there are many third party off brands that make bands for Apple Watches, Apple offers their own selection of bands to compliment any Apple Watch you own – whether it be the first generation or the sixth. Some official Apple Watch bands are the Nike Sport Band and Sport Loop, the stainless steel Milanese Loop, the very popular Link Bracelet and the much favoured Hermès Leather.

With all these latest features and being backed by top of the line fashion houses, you just can’t go wrong with an Apple Watch. As a matter of fact, if you wish to upgrade to the new 6 Series and want to sell the Apple Watch you currently use, then you are sure to get a great deal on it too.

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Best Places to sell your iPhone for The Most Money In 2021

Best Places to sell your iPhone for The Most Money In 2021

The electronics market has seen a lot big waves come and go this past year. With the release of some of the most popular phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series, the Google Pixel 5 and 4a and the most celebrated – Apple’ iPhone 12 series, selling and re-selling of phones has also witnessed a huge surge.


Can I sell my phone without problems?
Best Places to sell your iPhone for The Most Money In 2021

Absolutely!! Five years ago if I wanted to sell my iPhone I’d have to look for a friend who wanted what I was selling, was okay with the cosmetic damage to the phone and was willing to pay a price that I had set, not being able to compare prices like you could do today. Nowadays, selling your electronics is as easy as ordering food online. There are numerous online websites where you can sell your iPhone AND get a good price on it without having to partake in hour long bargaining negotiations.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current phone or simply want some liquid cash for other transactions, selling your current or old phone is a good way to go about it. First things first, you need to gauge how much you can get from your device. If you’re hoping to make it rain by selling anything older than an iPhone 7 then you need to snap back to reality this instant!


How much can I get for a halfway decent phone?

An iPhone 7 plus which is in pristine to good condition, is unlocked and has at least 128 gigs of storage will fetch you anywhere from $170 to $180 with That’s a great deal if you’re trying to dispose of your old phone which is in good condition for a night out with the friends. You can also get some pretty good deals on other electronics like a PS5 console, noise cancelling wireless headphones, a smart TV or even get yourself some new accessories. Whatever it is you want, a device that was launched 5 to 6 years ago will not fetch you a lot.

The dynamics are, admittedly, a little different if you’ve got a higher end device on your hands. We offer very lucrative and some of the most competitive deals in the market by far and each phone can you a different price depending on its condition and release year.

The iPhone XS Max, for example, will get you anywhere between $200 and $350 depending on the memory variant, cell phone carrier and device condition. Check out our list of iPhones that you can sell with us and also find out how much you can get on your iPhone depending on the varying factors.

Best Places to sell your iPhone for The Most Money In 2021

Where else can I sell my phone? What are my options?

Apart from SmartphonesPlus there are other options that you can go through to find the one that suits you best and we’re going to help you out with that.

Statistically speaking, most Apple users will trade-in their phones at the Apple Trade-in program. But contrary to popular belief, Apple’s trade-in isn’t the most beneficial place to sell your phone. We’ll talk more about why trading in your phone with Apple isn’t the best idea later on in the article.

For now, let’s have a look at some other options.

Sell your iPhone directly to another person if you need some quick cash. This is especially beneficial for somebody that has an old, now “midrange” iPhone and wants to sell it as quickly as possible. Doing this will allow to get money in hand right away as opposed to selling it online where it’s going to take they buyers anywhere between a week to 10 days for them to process their payment and send you the money.

You can still have your tangible buyer do all the necessary market research before you and come to a middle ground that favors both parties. In such a case, both parties can be satisfied with the transaction since it is more material and visible in nature. Under this pretext, selling an iPhone as new as the XR or any iPhone from the 11 series is highly advantageous since these phones are still being circulated in the market and are relatively new. You as a seller will have the upper hand if your device is in a fairly good condition with minimum damage to the body and all accessories intact.

Best Places to sell your iPhone for The Most Money In 2021

Coming back Apple’s Trade-in program; we recommend saving this option as a last resort and for good reason. Apple only offers minimum exchange value for your old phone and their prices are only declining. At best, you’re going to get an Apple Store Gift Card that’ll open up doors to other Apple products such as Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Books and other Apple services. To top it off, Apple doesn’t PAY you for selling your phone. They only take it back in exchange for credit towards your new iPhone. So, if you plan to buy an android by selling you iPhone to Apple, you can throw hat idea out the window.

Apart from the above two options you can sell your used phone to multiple online marketplaces like Gazelle, SellCell, Amazon, eBay, BestBuy and DeCluttr. These are all great stores that are ready to offer competitive prices for your old device. Most buyers will sell their old phone for cash to put towards a new one and therefore there’s no better place to sell to that these stores. They’re sure to give you a great price. If you’re not in a hurry to sell your iPhone we recommend going through each of these websites to find the best deal for you.

Visit to get a quote on your iPhone or any old devices today!

An Eco-Friendly Solution for All You Old Electronics

An Eco-Friendly Solution for All Your Old Electronics

Trying out new tech is always fun, especially when you consider yourself a top tier gadget geek or are your friends and family’s go-to for all things tech related. No matter the drive, getting your hands on a new phone or a computer is always thrilling.

But what happens to your old devices? Where do they go?

Technology, as we have it, is both a boon and a bane. With tech giants pumping out millions of devices each year, spreading the use and knowledge of technology by making their devices accessible to the general masses, it is becoming more and more important to innovate ways to dispose of old electronic junk efficiently.

A huge percentage of discarded electronics end up in water bodies, polluting marine life, intoxicating the soil they lay in and when burnt indiscriminately releasing a number of toxins into the atmosphere affecting both humans and animals.

An Eco-Friendly Solution for All You Old Electronics - SmartphonesPLUS


Why is it crucial that we manage our electronic waste efficiently?

Most people will only as far as to trade in cell phones to make a switch to their new devices but that’s not nearly enough what we ought to be doing to save our environment. Close to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste is generated every year. That’s equivalent to 12,500 fully grown Asian Elephants, just to give you an approximate idea of the voluminous heap of e-waste we generate in one revolution around the sun.

Out of this mammoth pile of waste, only one-eighth of it is actually recycled which is a mere 12.5%. Where does the rest go? Such wastes are either dumped into landfills, are incinerated or worse, tossed into the oceans left to rot away for an eternity.

A large number of what is labelled as “e-waste” is actually not waste at all. These are fully functional whole electronic equipment or parts that are readily marketable for reuse or can be recycled for materials recovery. As a matter of fact, a ton of “recycling experts” and companies collect all these wastes and ship them overseas, mostly into third world countries, and dump them in gigantic pits; something that is usually not made news to the general public.

Since these devices use many precious metals like gold, silver, iron and copper they are sourced from too by none other than children. These practices are not only illegal, to say the least, but are also chipping away at the lives of countless children who are forced into this hamster wheel of illicit employment and dangerous “work” environments. All of this is done under the veil of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and philanthropy so they end up earning good PR and goodwill, to make matters worse.

Many such countries have also witnessed a surge in their rates of cybercrime. This happens because a lot of users are unable to erase the data from their devices which either becomes obsolete or encrypted, making it difficult for them to access it. Therefore when cybercriminals get their hands on these devices they use to commit a number of crimes which are usually hard to trace too.

After learning about all of this, if you’ve decided to play your part in disposing of old electronics the right way then continue reading to know about our eco-friendly solutions for your old devices.

1. Find a Certified E-waste Recycler

There are many qualified e-waste recycling organisations that are certified to carry out recycling work. They ensure all your electronics are taken apart and sorted into groups of materials that can and cannot be recycled. This eliminates the possibility of your devices falling into the wrong hands and also eradicates the chances of children having to dig through them in a toxic environment to find precious metals, thereby saving them from a lifetime of chronic health ailments.

2. Sell Your Old Devices

This has got to be the masses’ go-to option due to many reasons. There are many online platforms that buy and sell phones online so if you’re looking to sell your used phone or laptop you can do so with online marketplaces like Selling off your old electronics enables you to get some quick cash that you can put into your new device or save it for whatever purpose. Vice versa if you need some cash and have a lot of old devices lying around you can sell them promptly and hassle free. Just make sure they are in working condition because if not they’ll just be put aside for recycling or might be disassembled for parts and you won’t get a price on them.

3. Donate Towards a Cause

There are numerous institutions and NGO’s that carry out donation programs across the country. Do your fair bit of research in finding the best organization that will accept your donations. A large number of children and adolescents are unable to get a decent education due to lack of resources; therefore a small effort on your part can mean the world to them. Not all of us are in a position to buy them new devices but if you have old ones that are in perfect working condition you can also donate it to those that are in need.

4. Give them back to the Electronic Companies

An Eco-Friendly Solution for All You Old Electronics - SmartphonesPLUS

Giving your old devices back to their respective brands/tech firms can work in your favor especially if you’re looking to upgrade. Apple, for example, has their own Trade-in program which lets you trade-in your old iPhone in exchange for store credit towards your new phone or an Apple Gift Card which you can use to purchase a whole array of Apple services.

Before you decide to sever bonds with your old e-friends make sure to always format your devices. This serves two purposes:

  • Your data is erased from your phone so one can tap into it and violate your privacy.
  • A factory reset makes your device brand new for its new user, especially if your phone or laptop is in pristine condition.
  • With the above point in mind, try to ensure your device feels new enough by fixing any broken screens or adding in a new SD card. If you’re looking to sell then this can also get you a higher price as compared to a screen with visible defects.

Enjoy your new devices but make sure to take care of our old ones in the most environment friendly way possible.

Guide to Removing iCloud, Google, and Samsung Accounts

A Guide to Removing iCloud, Google, and Samsung Accounts

Be sure to sign out of your iCloud, Google, or Samsung account before factory resetting your device. A factory reset alone will not wipe off these accounts. To be sure your accounts are removed after a factory reset go through the device set up until you get to the home screen. If you arrive at a screen that says “Activation Locked” or asks for your Google or Samsung account login information then you have not removed these accounts from your device.

Please be sure that you are logged out of your accounts – not logging out of your accounts could cause a delay in payment. We do not offer a cash value for any device that has accounts that are still active.

How to Reset an iPhone and Apple Devices:

How to sign out of my iCloud account on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

  1. Go to Settings > [your name].
  2. Scroll down to the bottom.
  3. Tap Sign Out.
  4. Enter your Apple ID password and tap Turn Off.
  5. Turn on the data that you want to keep a copy of on your device.
  6. Tap Sign Out.
  7. Tap Sign Out again to confirm that you want to sign out of iCloud.


How to sign out of my iCloud account on Apple Watch

To remove your personal information and take off the Activation Lock from your Apple Watch before selling it follow these instructions:

  1. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together.
  2. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap the My Watch tab.
  3. Tap your watch’s name at the top of the screen, then tap the information button .
  4. Tap Unpair Apple Watch. For cellular models of Apple Watch, tap Remove [Carrier] Plan. If you aren’t going to pair with a different watch or iPhone, contact your carrier to cancel your cellular subscription.
  5. Enter your Apple ID password to turn off Activation Lock. If you forgot your Apple ID password, you can reset it.
  6. Tap again to confirm. When you unpair, your iPhone will try to create a backup of your Apple Watch. If you get a new Apple Watch, you can use the backup to set it up.

Check to see if Apple Watch Activation Lock is on

Follow these steps on your paired iPhone to see if Apple Watch Activation Lock is turned on:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap your watch name at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap the info button

If you see Find My Apple Watch, then Activation Lock is on.

How to sign out of iCloud on my Mac

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences.
  2. Click Apple ID, then click Overview. If you use macOS High Sierra or earlier, click iCloud.
  3. Click Sign Out.

How to sign out of iCloud on my Apple TV

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > iCloud.
  2. Select Sign Out.

How to sign out of my iCloud account remotely:

1. Sign in to with your Apple ID (the one you use with iCloud).
2. Then click Find My iPhone.
3. Click All Devices, then select the device.
4. Click Remove From Account.
5. The device has now been removed.

For Samsung, Google, and Android Devices:

*If you have a Samsung device be sure to sign out of your Google Account and Samsung Accounts!

How to sign out of my Google Account on Android devices

Please note: Settings can vary by phone. For more info, contact your device manufacturer.

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Accounts. If you don’t see “Accounts,” tap Users & accounts or Accounts and backup.
  3. Tap the account you want to remove › Remove account.
  4. You may need to enter your phone’s pattern, PIN, or password for security.
  5. If you have multiple Google accounts on your device, be sure to remove all Google accounts.

How to sign out of Samsung Account on my Samsung device

  1. From Settings, tap Accounts and backup.
  2. Tap Accounts, and then select your Samsung account.
  3. Tap Personal info and then tap More options (the three vertical dots). …
  4. Tap Sign out.
  5. Review the information, and then tap Sign out.
  6. Enter your password to verify your identity, and then tap OK.

How to sign out of Samsung Account on my Samsung Galaxy Watch

  1.  Sign into your Samsung Account.
  2.  Scroll down the screen and select DEVICES.
  3.  Locate the device you would like to remove from your Samsung account then tap on Sign out.
  4.  Select Confirm to sign out of your Samsung account from that specific product.

How to remotely sign out of Samsung Account

  1.  Sign into your Samsung Account.
  2.  Scroll down the screen and select DEVICES.
  3.  Locate the device you would like to remove from your Samsung account then tap on Sign out.
  4.  Select Confirm to sign out of your Samsung account from that specific product.
apple watch, apple airpods, iphone 11 pro max on table

Sell your used Apple AirPods online for the most cash!

Sell AirPods Online and Get The Best Payout

Are you searching for a website to sell your used, old, or broken AirPods for cash online? Maybe you’d like to upgrade to the latest AirPods Pro or want to get rid of your AirPods all together. In any case, we’ve got you covered! SmartphonesPLUS has recently added AirPods to the list of electronics that are available for trade-in. You can now get the highest trade-in value for all generations of AirPods including the AirPods 1st Generation, AirPods 2nd Generation, and the AirPods Pro.

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Want to sell AirPods even if you lost one or both?

No problem! You can even sell your AirPods if you lost the charging case or if you lost one or both of your AirPods. SmartphonesPLUS has the option to select whether all items are included when selling your AirPods. Just select whether all items (both AirPods and the wireless charging case) are included or not. Then select the condition of your AirPods. You will then receive an instant value for your AirPods – it’s really that easy! Our competitive pricing algorithm ensures that you get the best price for your AirPods.

How to Sell AirPods Online

After you have accepted your offer, simply tell us how you would like to be paid and we will send you a free shipping label. Your payment will be sent within the next day of receiving your AirPods.

If you are searching for Where can I sell my AirPods for cash online? See how much cash you can get with SmartphonesPLUS today – the trusted, leading electronics buyback professionals.

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Cellphone Repair Coral Ridge Mall - SmartphonesPLUS

Sell Your Phone in the Coral Ridge Mall, Coralville, IA

Interested in selling your cell phone, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, or MacBook for cash near you?

Contact your local SmartphonesPLUS location conveniently located inside the Coral Ridge Mall, Coralville, IA for a cash offer on all of your electronics. We make it easy to sell – just stop by and we will give you cash on the spot. And we give you actual cash – unlike carriers and other cell phone stores that only give you store credit. We also give the highest payouts in the area. SmartphonesPLUS prices are always higher than EcoATM – if you find a price that is higher, we will beat it!

SmartphonesPLUS has created an easy way to sell your used or broken iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, cell phone, iPad, or MacBook laptops online!

Not able to stop by our store? No problem! Simply click SELL on the homepage and choose the device you would like to sell. You can even sell devices like the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, HomePods, iPods, AirPods, and iMac computers! See the full list here.

Once you have chosen the device you want to sell, just answer a few quick questions about the condition, storage size, etc. You will then receive an instant cash offer for your device. Proceed to checkout and choose how you would like to be paid.

From there, SmartphonesPLUS will email you a shipping label so that you can ship your device for free. Make sure you use enough padding so that there is no damage in transit. If you need packaging material SmartphonesPLUS will provide it for free.

Once your item has been received it is inspected, and payment is sent the same day! You are able to get the highest payout because we compare used electronics prices in the area and across the market. This means you always get more cash while not even leaving your house!

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We are open by appointment during coronavirus (COVID-19). Set up an appointment by giving us a call at (319) 625-2072 or email us at [email protected]