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Selling or trading in your smartwatch online with SmartphonesPLUS is easy and takes just a few minutes. Simply select your smartwatch’s model and get an instant quote. Then, package your device and ship it to us for free. We’ll send your payout to your selected payment method.

Apple Watch: Apple Watch app on your iPhone > General > About > tap the Model field. It should show a model number that begins with ‘A’ followed by a four-digit number. That is your Apple Watch’s model number. It could also be useful to use Apple’s Identify your Apple Watch model guide.

Samsung Watch: Go to your watch’s home screen > navigate to Settings > select About watchAbout device, or About band > Model number.

Google Watch: To identify your Google smartwatch, swipe down on your Google Pixel Watch and then Tap Settings. Tap System and then About. This information includes name, software version, model number, serial number, and more.

If the smartwatch you have is not listed on our website please fill out our custom quote form.

Your payment will be sent after we receive and inspect your device(s), which typically takes between 2-3 business days. We send payment the same day your order is completed.

Yes! It is a collective effort to take care of our environment. We will accept devices you wish to recycle and will dispose of them properly.

Yes, for smartwatches you must include the original band and charging cable to receive the maximum payout.

We will send you an email notification stating that our inspection team found your device to be in a different condition than was specified during the quoting process. If this occurs, you will receive a revised quote and will be prompted to accept or decline this new offer. If you accept, payment will be sent to you. If you decline, we will return your device.

Please read our Guide to Removing iCloud, Google, and Samsung Accounts. 

***If you do not remove the iCloud, Google, or Samsung account from your device, the device will be returned to you or recycled, as it cannot be activated by another user. If you are having trouble removing your account, please contact our support team.

Yes, you will receive your package’s tracking number by email and will be able to track the package through your mail carrier’s site. We will also give you updates once your device is received and inspected.

Yes! We buy smartwatches like Apple Watches and Samsung Galaxy Watches in bulk from businesses, schools, and individuals. Please visit our Sell In Bulk page to get a quote.