Affordable iPhone Screen Repair Options

Broken Smartphone Repair Options and Alternatives

Most people have broken their phone screen or damaged other components of their phone at least once. If not, you have taken extremely good care of your phone!

There are few tried and tested DIY tricks for cell phone repair, but the old rice trick doesn’t qualify as a good one. Putting your phone in rice for a water damage repair has never been proven useful. Typically, it can cause more damage by the small particles of rice getting stuck in the ports of the phone.

If you did drop your phone in water here are 8 things you should do. 

Broken Phone Repair Guide


Top Phone Repair Options


If you’re lucky, you may have cell phone insurance. Contact your cell phone carrier to see if you have insurance on your cellular plan.

Smartphone Repair Store

Find a local smartphone repair store near you. Usually you can search Google for smartphone repair and a few stores will come up in your area. Just be sure that they have good reviews and that they warranty their parts and service.

Apple Stores

If there is one near you, then you can contact your local Apple Store. If you have an iPhone or Apple product with ApplCare+ and want a certified Apple repair, then this is your best option.

Credit Card Companies

Contact your credit card company. Certain credit card companies will offer insurance on your cell phone if you pay for the cell phone bill with that credit card. You will need to contact your card company for more information on this perk.

How can I fix my broken smartphone myself?

“Broken” is a word that can mean a lot of things when it comes to electronic devices. Is your screen simply cracked? Has water entered your speaker? Are your files corrupted and you can’t access your old pictures, notes or music anymore? Each of these problems can mean your phone is broken.

Can you fix these problems yourself? Technically, you can. You can take your phone apart, and research what each component does, and end up spending days just understanding their functions, followed by remembering their arrangement. That is, if you manage to take it all apart without breaking anything in the first place.

Most modern devices such as the iPhone have hundreds of small micro components and parts that are glued or soldered together to ensure durability. Repairing your phone is not as easy as you may think. Smartphones and their components continue getting smaller and more complicated. This makes disassembling the phone a huge task without the proper tools. Quite frankly, it’s a near impossible task for someone with no experience at smartphone repair to complete the repair successfully.



How much does a smartphone repair cost?

It honestly depends on the type of repair you need. Screen repairs are becoming more expensive as technology advances with displays coming with higher quality. Rear camera’s are also becoming more expensive as the demand for camera quality continues to rise.

An iPhone X screen repair will cost you anywhere between $100 – $200 depending on the screen quality. A newer iPhone screen replacement will set you back anywhere from $200 – $400. The newer phones have more expensive screens called OLED screens. It is highly advisable to find a professional iPhone repair center as you do not want to cause damage to the screen since they are typically not able to be returned once damaged.

At SmartphonesPLUS we allow customers to check how much a repair will cost by answering a few simple questions online.

Screen Repair Online Quote

By handling thousands of repairs each year, SmartphonesPLUS technicians have come across a wide array of repair challenges that add to their expertise. If you are trusting a repair store with your broken phone, make sure to check online reviews before getting your phone repaired. The Swappa Repair Network is a good source to find quality cell phone repair stores near you.

If you are looking for a screen repair or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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