iPhone 13 Launch – All the Talks, Specs and Release Date

iPhone 13 Launch – All the Talks, Specs and Release Date

The Much Awaited and Highly Rumored Apple iPhone 13

Apple has been a leader in the smartphone segment for as long as we can remember and they don’t plan to stop or slow down any time soon. All of Apple’s old launches have been hits for the most part with some collective criticism. If we’re being honest, that collective criticism is what led Apple to continue re-innovating and re-designing their products year after year. Over the years Apple has reinvented themselves time and time again. And with the Apple iPhone 13 they plan to outdo themselves yet again.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

What is the iPhone 13 going to be like?

There is a lot of speculation around what the Apple iPhone 13 is going to bring to the table. How are they going to innovate something that gives the 12 series a run for its money?! After all, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has shattered records across the board. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has smashed all benchmarks – both technical and otherwise – leaving behind the leading Android phones in the dust. Apple has not given out any official statements on what the iPhone 13 is going to look like or how they are going to price it. But there are many sources online that brag about having the latest leaks on the impending iPhone 13.

How true will these claims ring, is yet to be seen.

That being said, there are quite a few rumors going around in the market that suggest a few revolutionary changes to be incorporated into their next release.

Top Features of iPhone 13 at a Glance

Some of the most speculated features that Apple plans to carry in the new iPhone 13 are:
• Apple Talk – to help devices connect and function faster
• Touch ID on the screen
• A brand new 120Hz display
• A Bionic A15 chip
• Flashy new Camera upgrades

Let’s go through them one at a time.

The Design

Apple plans to follow up the 12 series with yet another line-up of 4 models. As for the body, many iPhone fans are speculating that the iPhone 13 rumors about it having a new notch is actually true. We might get to see renewed top notch designs.

Considering Apple’s plans on bringing Touch ID back, the top notch being brought down in size by tweaking the previous Face ID unlocking system on the iPhone 12 series sits right. The iPhone 12 has a separate infrared flood illuminator for security and a sensor and dot projector which Apple plans to comprise into a smaller singular unit thus shrinking the notch and making more room for the screen which is rumored to feature a 120Hrz Pro Motion display, the first time ever in an iPhone.

There are speculations about Apple possibly including another front camera in its place though; however nothing can be said for sure at this moment in time.

Over the years Apple has been working to reduce the number of ports and slowly but surely transition into a truly port-less design. With the introduction of MegSafe and Wireless Charging, the new iPhone 13 might just give us a glimpse into what Apple has in store for us in the future. The new design is anticipated to be highly technologically advanced that won’t just crush benchmarks but will have you drooling over their sleek new designs as well.

The Camera

If there is ANYTHING at all, that even non-iPhone users look forward to in the latest iPhones are their cameras. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max feature some of the latest ground-breaking technology in mobile phone cameras having incorporated. With Wide and Ultrawide angle cameras the 12 Series blew the competition out of the water.
The Night Mode Portrait on the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max allows users to capture stunning low-light images while not sacrificing on pixel quality. As for the day time images, Apple built in SmartHDR3 into their cameras that captures crystal clear shots even with bright light; beautifully soothing out the texture, gradient, skin tone, saturation and other tiny little details and adjustments that truly bring the images to life.

On the new iPhone 13, these features are only expected to get better. As history would have it, Apple likes to take things a couple steps farther with each launch so the top variant on the iPhone 13 series is something we can’t imagine and no matter how much jittery or eager we are, we will simply have to wait it out till Apple decides to bless us with it.

Nonetheless, sources have confirmed that their new Quad camera setting will feature 10x Pro Zoom. The only phone that has managed to pull that off is the Samsung S21 Ultra which not only left the 12 series behind in terms of zoom but also gave it stiff competition in image stabilization and 4k recording and 4k 60 fps on their front camera. Now this is new stand-off is something that has all smartphone aficionados on the edge of their seats.

iPhone 13 Launch – All the Talks, Specs and Release Date

Release Date and Price

The much awaited Apple iPhone 13 series is anticipated to drop its first model in the month of September in 2021. All older iPhones were also released around the same time so mid-September is when we’ll probably see the new iPhone 13.

As for the price, the lowest in the series is said to be priced around USD $850, around £700 in the UK and close to $1400 in Australia. Now this is all based on rumor and postulation based on Apple’s behaviour and track record so far. These prices may fluctuate depending on what features, add-ons and new offers Apple comes up with.
Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few extra bucks saved just in case you can’t resist buying the new iPhone right off the shelf. You can always sell your used phone to us here at SmartphonesPLUS and help edge closer to that 13 budget.

Here at SmartphonesPLUS we put you on the best refurbished phones for sale so if you wish to get a pre-owned iPhone, say the iPhone X, XR or 11 Pro Max, we can get you some of the best deals on it here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the awaited iPhone 13 so let us know what you think it’s going to feature in the comments below!!

How to Sell My Samsung Galaxy Phone (The Right Way)

How to Sell My Samsung Galaxy Phone (The Right Way)

There could be multiple reasons why one would want to sell their phone. Do you want to upgrade to a new phone? Do you want to sell your old phone to get some cash? Are you simply bored of your current phone?

With all the new technology being incorporated into these new releases these days it’s quite understandable if you would want to get a new phone just because. Whatever your reason, parting with your phone comes with a few steps you must follow to ensure the safety of your own data and to make for a smoother reselling process.

In order to sell your phone make sure you follow the steps below:

Remove the SIM – Your SIM is your number alone. Do not forget to take the SIM cards out before giving your phone away since this can lead to a lot of problems down the line. The person buying your phone can misuse your SIM to their advantage and lend you in a world of trouble. Leaving your SIM card in your phone is an honest mistake that can happen to anyone, but you must try and avoid it at all costs.

Remove the memory/SD card – Most phones these days come with a card tray that can hold 2 SIM cards and a memory card. Make sure to take your memory card out before selling your phone. But isn’t the transaction going to fetch me a higher value if I provide a memory card with it? Sure, if you wish to sell it then make sure you remove all the contents from the card before you do so. Leaving your personal files can be dangerous for you and troublesome for the buyer so make sure you clear the card out beforehand.

How to Sell My Samsung Galaxy Phone (The Right Way)


Erase the phone data – Once you’ve removed your SIM cards and your memory card go through your phone and delete all the other data that is saved in your phone by default such as your Google accounts’ information, your contacts, your apps and app data, system settings, etc. If you’re unsure about what you need to erase or don’t know where miscellaneous data might be stored then go to System Settings and Format/ Factory Reset your phone. You must delete all the data on your phone thoroughly to ensure your safety.

Now that you’ve cleared out your phone, there are a couple pointers you must bear in mind to make sure you don’t get ripped off while trying to sell your phone.

Do your due research – Doing your research entails finding out all the possible options for you to sell your phone and get the highest returns on it. You can sell it nearby to a friend or a family member which is the quickest way to sell and get returns on your phone, you can sell it online directly to the end buyer through reputed marketplaces to ensure you don’t get scammed, or you can sell it to a store company online that disassembles phones and sells individual parts separately for repair purposes.

This last option will most likely give you the least returns since people who do sell it this way are selling phones that are almost non-functional or worn out; due to this reason, picking this channel with not fetch you as much as the other options stated above.

Read the terms thoroughly – If you are selling online, either look for trustworthy sites such as eBay and Craigslist where you can sell your handset directly to the buyer. Depending on demand and availability and the condition of your phone this option may turn out to be the most lucrative.

State your price – Whichever Samsung phone you have, it is an asset and you must treat it like one. Ensure that you take the time to determine how much you are willing to take for the product after checking out its value and resell prices online. The internet has a huge market for refurbished Samsung phones that are in great condition so you are bound to get a good price on it if you sell it at the right price and leave a wiggle little room for negotiation. You can also search for online listings of the product to determine the price. Also, learn to walk away if the deal is not going in your favor or as per your expectations since you will probably find many worthwhile deals with a little effort.

How to Sell My Samsung Galaxy Phone (The Right Way)


To help you get a clearer idea and further your research, here are a few deals on some popular online marketplaces that you can refer to while setting a price or setting your expectations from your old Samsung Galaxy phone.

1. A Used 64GB Galaxy S8 on Verizon in good condition can fetch you the following deals.

Swappa: $175
eBay: $134
Blazing Electronics: $120
Decluttr: $93
uSell: $86
Amazon: $110.05 (gift card)
Best Buy: $110 (gift card)
Walmart: $65 (gift card)

2. Used 64GB Galaxy S9 Plus on AT&T in good condition can get you the following deals.

eBay: $300
Swappa: $289
Blazing Electronics: $171
Decluttr: $170
Amazon: $140 (gift card)
uSell: $140
Best Buy: $140 (gift card)
Walmart: $115 (gift card)

3. Used 128GB Galaxy S10 unlocked in good condition will get you the following deals.

eBay: $430
Swappa: $460
Decluttr: $317
Blazing Electronics: $322
uSell: $235
Walmart: $200 (gift card)

At SmartphonesPLUS.com we host a variety of refurbished cell phones that are in immaculate condition and also accept all older models of Samsung phones. Depending on the cosmetic and functional condition of your phone you can get a great deal on it so head over to the website and get an on-the-spot estimate right away!!!

An Eco-Friendly Solution for All You Old Electronics

An Eco-Friendly Solution for All Your Old Electronics

Trying out new tech is always fun, especially when you consider yourself a top tier gadget geek or are your friends and family’s go-to for all things tech related. No matter the drive, getting your hands on a new phone or a computer is always thrilling.

But what happens to your old devices? Where do they go?

Technology, as we have it, is both a boon and a bane. With tech giants pumping out millions of devices each year, spreading the use and knowledge of technology by making their devices accessible to the general masses, it is becoming more and more important to innovate ways to dispose of old electronic junk efficiently.

A huge percentage of discarded electronics end up in water bodies, polluting marine life, intoxicating the soil they lay in and when burnt indiscriminately releasing a number of toxins into the atmosphere affecting both humans and animals.

An Eco-Friendly Solution for All You Old Electronics - SmartphonesPLUS


Why is it crucial that we manage our electronic waste efficiently?

Most people will only as far as to trade in cell phones to make a switch to their new devices but that’s not nearly enough what we ought to be doing to save our environment. Close to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste is generated every year. That’s equivalent to 12,500 fully grown Asian Elephants, just to give you an approximate idea of the voluminous heap of e-waste we generate in one revolution around the sun.

Out of this mammoth pile of waste, only one-eighth of it is actually recycled which is a mere 12.5%. Where does the rest go? Such wastes are either dumped into landfills, are incinerated or worse, tossed into the oceans left to rot away for an eternity.

A large number of what is labelled as “e-waste” is actually not waste at all. These are fully functional whole electronic equipment or parts that are readily marketable for reuse or can be recycled for materials recovery. As a matter of fact, a ton of “recycling experts” and companies collect all these wastes and ship them overseas, mostly into third world countries, and dump them in gigantic pits; something that is usually not made news to the general public.

Since these devices use many precious metals like gold, silver, iron and copper they are sourced from too by none other than children. These practices are not only illegal, to say the least, but are also chipping away at the lives of countless children who are forced into this hamster wheel of illicit employment and dangerous “work” environments. All of this is done under the veil of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and philanthropy so they end up earning good PR and goodwill, to make matters worse.

Many such countries have also witnessed a surge in their rates of cybercrime. This happens because a lot of users are unable to erase the data from their devices which either becomes obsolete or encrypted, making it difficult for them to access it. Therefore when cybercriminals get their hands on these devices they use to commit a number of crimes which are usually hard to trace too.

After learning about all of this, if you’ve decided to play your part in disposing of old electronics the right way then continue reading to know about our eco-friendly solutions for your old devices.

1. Find a Certified E-waste Recycler

There are many qualified e-waste recycling organisations that are certified to carry out recycling work. They ensure all your electronics are taken apart and sorted into groups of materials that can and cannot be recycled. This eliminates the possibility of your devices falling into the wrong hands and also eradicates the chances of children having to dig through them in a toxic environment to find precious metals, thereby saving them from a lifetime of chronic health ailments.

2. Sell Your Old Devices

This has got to be the masses’ go-to option due to many reasons. There are many online platforms that buy and sell phones online so if you’re looking to sell your used phone or laptop you can do so with online marketplaces like SmartphonesPlus.com. Selling off your old electronics enables you to get some quick cash that you can put into your new device or save it for whatever purpose. Vice versa if you need some cash and have a lot of old devices lying around you can sell them promptly and hassle free. Just make sure they are in working condition because if not they’ll just be put aside for recycling or might be disassembled for parts and you won’t get a price on them.

3. Donate Towards a Cause

There are numerous institutions and NGO’s that carry out donation programs across the country. Do your fair bit of research in finding the best organization that will accept your donations. A large number of children and adolescents are unable to get a decent education due to lack of resources; therefore a small effort on your part can mean the world to them. Not all of us are in a position to buy them new devices but if you have old ones that are in perfect working condition you can also donate it to those that are in need.

4. Give them back to the Electronic Companies

An Eco-Friendly Solution for All You Old Electronics - SmartphonesPLUS

Giving your old devices back to their respective brands/tech firms can work in your favor especially if you’re looking to upgrade. Apple, for example, has their own Trade-in program which lets you trade-in your old iPhone in exchange for store credit towards your new phone or an Apple Gift Card which you can use to purchase a whole array of Apple services.

Before you decide to sever bonds with your old e-friends make sure to always format your devices. This serves two purposes:

  • Your data is erased from your phone so one can tap into it and violate your privacy.
  • A factory reset makes your device brand new for its new user, especially if your phone or laptop is in pristine condition.
  • With the above point in mind, try to ensure your device feels new enough by fixing any broken screens or adding in a new SD card. If you’re looking to sell then this can also get you a higher price as compared to a screen with visible defects.

Enjoy your new devices but make sure to take care of our old ones in the most environment friendly way possible.

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Recycle iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks symbol

Recycling iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Other Electronics.

Why you should properly recycle your old electronics

Recycling is in. From fancy reusable bags to colorful metal straws. It seems like every other day a trendy new method to reduce plastic waste is at our disposal. While reusing plastics, glass, and paper is nothing new to us, the benefits of correctly discarding our obsolete electronic goods are often overlooked. These days you can even get paid for your old electronics. Companies like SmartphonesPLUS will pay you for your old electronics and will recycle them for you – you can send them by mail or visit a location in Cedar Rapids, IA or Coralville, IA.  With so much talk about sustainability these days, I’d say it’s about time to delve deeper into e-waste recycling.

The circle of electronic life

One of the few things that we can all agree upon is that we live in a fast-paced world. Our society always wants the latest gadgets. Every year from San Francisco to Sydney long lines form in front of Apple stores. All over the globe, people are queuing up for hours, and sometimes even days, just to get their hands on the latest iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and AirPods. Our devices have become part of our identity and imagining a life without them, be it laptops, tablets, or cell phones, is next to impossible for most of us.

But have you ever wondered what happens with all of these devices once they eventually reach the end of their useful lives?

Because no matter how happy you once were with the purchase of your new shiny gadget, sooner or later, and in nearly all cases it tends to be sooner rather than later, the love story ends. All of our precious goods will at some point become non-functional and will end up being nothing more than electronic garbage.

There are several ways to sell your used phone or laptop to SmartphonesPLUS and make some extra easy-earned cash with them! Unfortunately, very few people are aware of this and simply throw them away, losing money and harming the environment in the process.

Out of sight, out of mind: the rising problem with e-waste and end-of-life (EOL) products

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, each American household owns close to 24 electronic appliances on average. Although we may not always want to admit it, most of these gadgets contain enormous amounts of personal, confidential and sometimes plain mortifying information. With identity theft on the rise, you may be reluctant to get rid of your electronic devices and end up hoarding them in your house. However, this problem can easily be resolved by doing a hard reset.

We all prefer to keep our search history for ourselves and, although data thieves are most likely not very interested in your embarrassing selfies with your cat, it certainly feels reassuring to know that they will never see the light of day.

But, not only can you fall victim to information theft by simply throwing your old phone in the trash can, but it’s also illegal in many states. Yes, you read that right. Although there’s currently no federal legislation yet, several states banned the dumping of e-waste into landfills. This is an attempt to instill environmental responsibility and reduce the vast amounts of electronic junk that hit US landfills each year.

So many toxic materials, so little time

Cadmium, beryllium, lead, and mercury. They may either vaguely ring a bell if you paid some attention during science class or will sound like random cryptocurrencies if you didn’t. Unfortunately, they’re not the new Bitcoin but harmful materials that are hazardous to the environment. To make matters worse, they can all be found in your electronic gimmicks. Although they might be mere trace elements, the threat they pose to our ecosystem is paramount. Especially when keeping in mind that each year at least 40 million metric tonnes of e-waste is generated. That is an equivalent of almost 4,500 Eiffel towers!

Each year we create almost 4,500 Eiffel towers worth of e-waste.

The importance of recycling old electronics

As good as all non-working devices contain some form of recyclable material. When disposed of improperly, they not only cause both air and soil pollution but also seep into rivers and seas.

I think we all prefer a clean planet over one that is ridden with plastic and other toxic materials. And this is exactly the reason why you should always give your once dearly beloved gadgets a respectable funeral. Never simply chuck them into a bin because, in the end, you’re hurting yourself and everyone around you.