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Want to sell your MacBook at a great value? Do it with SmartphonesPLUS.

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How to sell with SmartphonesPLUS?

Selling your MacBook with us can’t get easier. 


To start, make sure to find the exact model of your MacBook. 


It’s as easy as clicking on the Apple logo > click on About this Mac > Overview. You should see the technical specifications of your MacBook.


You can also check your MacBook’s model on the underside of your MacBook, near the regulatory markings, and on its original packaging.


Once you’re sure what MacBook you have, it’s time to click on the corresponding model on this page. 


Click on the “Start Selling” button below your computer’s model.


If you can’t find the MacBook you want to sell with SmartphonesPLUS on the page, make sure to request a custom quote from us.

What MacBook models can you sell?

You can sell any model of the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro that’s in good, usable condition. As long as it works, we’ll give it a great price and find a place for your computer.


Don’t worry, our experienced technicians will examine your computer with expertise to make sure we offer the right price to you.


The selection of MacBook models you can sell with SmartphonesPLUS isn’t final. 


You can always reach out to us to get a custom quote for the MacBook model you want to sell.

Do you need to include accessories?

We DO NOT require our customers to include the charger and other accessories that come with their MacBook. 


You may include the accessories if you’d like, but we’d like to tell you that it won’t change the amount we’ll offer for your MacBook.

How do you get paid?

We know you want to get paid for your old MacBook as soon as we close the deal.


That’s why we offer an excellent payout process that’ll allow you to get your money as soon as you drop your computer off at your local SmartphonesPLUS.


The process goes this way:


  1. We receive your device.
  2. Our technicians inspect your MacBook to make sure we give it the right price and pay you accordingly.
  3. We’ll send your payout.


To make the process from receipt to payout faster, make sure to take your sweet time selecting the exact model, specifications, and condition of your MacBook.


Please take note that differences in online quote requests and the actual condition of your unit may delay the payout process.

How to prepare your MacBook for sale

Ready to hand your MacBook over to us? We’ll help you prepare your computer for a seamless transaction.


Make sure to do the following before selling your MacBook to avoid issues:


  • For Macs running macOS Monterey with Apple silicon or Apple T2 Security Chip, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  2. Select Erase All Content and Settings.
  3. Sign in with your Mac credentials.
  4. Make sure to back up your Mac to an external storage device.
  5. Sign out of your Apple ID.
  6. Click Erase All Content & Settings to proceed.


  • For any other Mac or macOS version:
  1. Back up or transfer your files.
  2. Sign out of iTunes.
  3. Sing out of iCloud.
  4. Sign out of iMessage.
  5. Reset NVRAM (if you have a Mac with Apple silicon).
  6. Unpair Bluetooth devices.
  7. Erase your Mac.


Once you’re done with the steps you need to take to prepare your MacBook for sale, it’s time to give it a new home!

Got questions for us?

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Email: [email protected]


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