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Is an Apple Watch Worth it?

Apple Watches seem like almost an essential accessory these days. It’s almost as if everyone has them and they wear them everywhere. You might have a bit of Apple Watch FOMO, but the questions is: are they actually worth purchasing? Especially since their price tags continue to rise. We are going to break down whether they may be worth it for you by looking into their design and features.

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Do you really need an Apple Watch?

Whether or not you need an Apple Watch really depends on what features you wish to use and what could come handy to you. With the large array of features they offer, its not hard to understand why so many people have one. Apple has dropped a new generation of the Apple Watch every September.

Throughout the years the design of the Apple Watch hasn’t changed drastically. Many people are opting for old models to save money. These older models essentially have a lot of the same features.

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What are the features on an Apple Watch?

Fitness Tracking

Apple knows that many people consider buying an Apple Watch for the health benefits. Now you can track blood oxygen level thanks to their revolutionary new sensor and the Blood Oxygen app. You can also measure your ECG and sleep patterns. Apple can now help you monitor your sleeping habits and suggest methods to improve it too.

Apple Watch Fitness Tracking Features

However, it must be noted that the Blood Oxygen app measurements are not intended for medical use. You must take into account that Apple Watches may not be a 100% accurate.

The Apple Watch also helps you track your daily activity and your fitness levels when you work out. Whether you’re running, swimming, dancing, or practicing yoga, Apple Watches can now measure your every move. You’ll be able to track exercise stats such as total calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, and much more. You can control which stats you want to see by changing the display settings.

Internet Connectivity

With an Apple Watch connected to your iPhone, you can do just about anything like answer calls, send messages, give commands to Siri to makes searches or even stream songs directly from Apple Music on your watch.

If you want to use these features without being connected to your iPhone you will have to opt for the cellular model of the Apple Watch. The cellular model will cost a bit more and you will have to pay your carrier for an additional line, but it can be worth it if you are without your phone often. This is generally a good option for runners, surfers, and climbers.


Stylish watch bands are one thing Apple kept in mind while designing their watch. Their users can maintain a a fresh look without having to upgrade their watch. Throughout the Apple Watch generations the bands on these watches remained mostly the same. The same band that fits the Series 3 Apple Watches will also fit the Series 5.

Apple has also gone the extra mile to work with popular fashion brands like Nike and Hermès to design the perfect watches to fit any style.

Which Apple Watch to Buy 2

Each Apple Watch comes with a rather simple release button that allows the user to quickly switch out the bands. Whether you’re looking to match your Apple Watch with a particular outfit or you want to switch to a more breathable band for your morning run, Apple Watch bands can be swapped easily.

Although there are many third party brands that make bands for Apple Watches, Apple offers their own selection of bands to compliment any Apple Watch you own – whether it be a Series 6 or an Apple Watch Ultra. Some official Apple Watch bands are the Nike Sport Band and Sport Loop, the stainless steel Milanese Loop, the very popular Link Bracelet, and the high-end Hermès Leather.

Should you get an Apple Watch?

Depending on your lifestyle an Apple Watch really can be worth it. For a fitness enthusiast it can help you log workouts and help you track your vital health metrics. If you’ like to stay connected with friends family, or just want to track notifications, the Apple Watch can also allow you to do this easily without pulling out your iPhone. If you are just trying to pull off a more modern style an Apple Watch can help you do that too. With all the watch band styles, you can ensure that your smart time piece matches your unique style.

As a final note, if you are on a tight budget, you can save money by buying a refurbished Apple Watch. The design hasn’t changed drastically over the years and the premium that you pay for a new watch might not be worth it for everyone.

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