Experience Enhanced Cell Phone Buyback and Trade-in with SmartphonesPLUS & BankMyCell’s Latest Collaboration

BankMyCell + SmartphonesPLUS Partnership GraphicProviding Enhanced Customer Experience With Great Values and Quick Price Comparisons for the Best Device Buyback Value

As a leading name in the cell phone buyback and trade-in industry, SmartphonesPLUS is excited to announce a partnership with device buyback comparison platform, BankMyCell.

With our exceptional prices and BankMyCell’s user base of over 300,000 visitors per month, both companies are eager to provide a smoother buyback process and a more transparent assessment of device value in the industry.

One of the Best Cell Phone Buyback Programs

Since 2018, SmartphonesPLUS has helped customers trade in their phones for cash. We offer an instant online price quote so customers can conveniently find the best deal for their used devices.

We buy used phones, broken phones, and old phones in the following conditions:

  • Flawless: These devices look like new, though the customer may have used them. They have no signs of damage and no modified software or hardware. They have at least 86% battery health.
  • Good: These cell phones show minimal signs of wear and have no chips or cracks. They contain all the original parts, software, and hardware. The device must be fully functional.
  • Fair: This old phone has moderate to heavy signs of wear, including scratches, dents, or marks, but has no deep cracks, chips, screen burn, or pixel damage. The cell phone is fully functional and has all its original hardware and pieces.
  • Broken phone: A broken cell phone has damage that excludes it from a higher quality rating, including cracked, chipped or damaged screen and glass, broken USB ports, water damage, damaged biometrics, or modified software.
  • No Power: As long as customers include all the original pieces, they can still utilize SmartphonesPLUS’ trade-in program even if their device doesn’t power on or charge. While the price offer for this type of phone is considerably less, customers still receive more money than they would by recycling the device. Selling a powerless phone also reduces toxic electronic waste.

SmartphonesPLUS: Over Five Years Building an Excellent Reputation

Whether cell phone buyers want the best price for their cell phone trade or want to reduce electronic waste, SmartphonesPLUS proudly offers streamlined processes and good customer experiences. We proudly offer excellent customer service.

With over 200 reviews and a near-five-star rating, customers trust us to find the best phones and offer the fairest prices.

SmartphonesPLUS: More Than Just Cell Phones

In addition to cell phones, SmartphonesPLUS offers the best deal for other electronics and qualified devices. While device values vary, customers receive great deals on the following:

  • iPads and tablets: SmartphonesPLUS accepts traditional iPads, as well as iPad Airs, iPad Minis, and iPad Pros. We also accept Samsung, Google, and OnePlus tablets.
  • Apple Watch and smartwatches: We make offers on most generations of Apple Watch, including the original Apple Watch, the SE and the Ultra models. We also provide an instant quote for Samsung and Google smartwatches.
  • Apple TV: We accept the Apple TV from 2nd through to 4th generation and 4K model from 1st through to 3rd generation.
  • Game consoles: We accept all models of the Nintendo Switch, the 3DS XL, and the 3DS. We also buy Meta Oculus Quests and Sony Playstation VR headsets.
  • GoPros: We accept trade-ins of GoPros, including the Hero 6 through 11, the Hero 11 Mini, and the Fusion.

How the Partnership Benefits Customers

Because of the partnership between BankMyCell and SmartphonesPLUS, cell phone buyback has never been more advantageous for customers. The partnership combines the amazing prices and customer service of SmartphonesPLUS with BankMyCell’s price comparison efficiency. 

With over 300,000 users every month, BankMyCell’s reach also ensures that more customers can access SmartphonesPLUS’ services. With a growing customer base, SmartphonesPLUS is all the more geared towards providing the best service options and offering top dollar quotes for you.

Trustworthiness Guaranteed

BankMyCell upholds its reputation by partnering only with trusted buyback companies. SmartphonesPLUS is proud to be a verified partner after successfully passing BankMyCell’s legitimacy checks.

Transparent Deals

Customers are updated in real time with the best prices on the market. With BankMyCell’s price offer comparison feature integrated into our trade-in process, we are proud to be part of the pursuit of empowering our customers to make more informed decisions when selling their used devices.

How to Use SmartphonesPLUS’ Cell Phone Buyback Program

When customers want cash for phones, they trust the simplicity and accuracy of SmartphonesPlus’ process.

Select the Device

SmartphonesPLUS is dedicated to making it easy for our customers to find the best value for their device with just a few easy clicks. Navigate to the selling page, select the type of device, and answer questions about its specifications and condition. Customers can immediately see the value of the old phone or device.

An alternative option is to visit BankMyCell’s page to check SmartphonesPLUS’s offer for your device in real-time. 

Ship or Sell the Device

Next, SmartphonesPLUS sends a shipping label via email so customers can ship their devices for free. Customers near SmartphonesPLUS stores can sell phones in person and receive cash immediately.

Before shipping, we recommend factory resetting the phone or device.

Receive the Money

Customers can set their payment details in their personal accounts. SmartphonesPLUS pays via PayPal in as fast as one day. Customers near a local store may receive cash or store credit.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for SmartphonesPLUS and BankMyCell

With this partnership, we are delighted to continue serving our customers with the best deals for cell phones and other devices. With BankMyCell’s trusted position in the cellphone buyback niche and our streamlined process and accurate prices, we look forward to improving customer experiences.

Contact SmartphonesPLUS To Sell Your Phone Today

For the best cell phone buyback prices and the easiest phone trade-in process, contact SmartphonesPLUS. With accurate device value assessment, we give a fair price for your old phone. Thanks to this new partnership with BankMyCell, there’s never been a better time to sell your phone.

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