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We’ve made our selling process easy so you can sell your phone for cash fast! Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Find the device you want to sell and get an instant offer.
  2. Ship it for free – we’ll provide a prepaid shipping label.
  3. Get paid! Choose between PayPal or check – we send your cash within 24 hours of your device’s inspection.

– A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

– 5-Star ratings and reviews across multiple platforms.

– Family-owned and operated – we value honesty, excellent service, and fair pricing.

– We are here to stay! Not only do we have an online presence, but also physical retail stores.

– Our customers are loyal because we make it easy to get the highest value for your devices.

– We are truly here for you – if you have any questions you can contact us by email, phone, or in person.

Your device can be categorized into one of the following conditions:

Excellent: New cosmetic appearance and functions as if it has not yet been used. For example, no cosmetic issues, no scratches and or scuffs, no dents, no cracks, no water damage, all buttons and ports work, still fully functional, no LCD burn/ghost image, no pixel damage and the screen lights up normally. Battery health must be above 85% (86% or higher). All parts of the device must be included.

Good: Normal signs of use – may have a couple of light scratches. No clear/deep scratches, scuffs, or dents. No cracks, no water damage, all buttons/ports work, must be fully functional, no LCD burn/ghost image, no pixel damage, and the screen must light up normally. All parts of the device must be included.

Fair: Moderate to excessive signs of wear such as scratching, marks, scuffs, or dents. No cracks or chips on the screen or back glass. Absolutely no screen burn, white dots, or other pixel damage. The device is fully functional. All parts of the device must be included.

Broken: Does not function normally – cracked, chipped, and or other damages to the screen, back glass, frame, camera lens, or other parts, screen burn, ghost image, white dots, or other pixel damage. Bad port(s), bad battery, water damage, or any other hardware or software issues. All parts of the device must be included.

No Power: The device does not fully power on, turn on, or work. All parts of the device must be included.

You can sell your phone in any condition! Even if it’s broken, scratched, or won’t turn on – simply select the correct condition.

Yes, we pay much more than you’d think for damaged or cracked cell phones, tablets, and more!

You can sell phones and other tech with hardware or software issues including: cracked glass or frame, excessive scratching, network or OS issues, water damage, screen burn, touch screen issues, faulty speakers, microphones, jacks, etc.

No. We cannot accept devices that have been reported as lost or stolen.

Devices that have been reported lost or stolen should be turned into the authorities or the phone carrier it’s associated with so they can be returned to the rightful owner. If the device is yours please contact your carrier to have the blacklist status removed.

As part of our online trade-in process, each of our customers are required to contractually confirm the device is in fact theirs to sell and has not been reported as lost or stolen. We also remind customers of this at several points in the process. The device you sell must be yours to sell and must not have been reported lost or stolen.

At SmartphonesPLUS customer privacy is taken seriously. When you send your phone to sell, we completely erase all files and documents from your phone by performing a factory data reset and destroying the memory cards and SIM cards, if present inside the phone.

It is highly recommended that you clear your phone of all your personal data before selling it.

Please Note: If you do forget to take out your memory card or SIM card, we may be unable to send the SIM or memory card back to you should you decide to cancel your transaction as they are destroyed immediately during the inspection process.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for any additional information not covered here. Under no circumstance will any of our technicians violate your privacy or misuse your information.

You can choose to get paid by PayPal or check. 

If you choose to be paid by PayPal, you will see the cash arrive into your account immediately after inspection. If you choose payment via check, you can expect to receive it within 2-7 business days after device inspection.

Your payment may be delayed if we find it is not in the quoted condition.

Yes! We buy all types of electronics in bulk from businesses, schools, and individuals. Please visit our Sell In Bulk page to get a quote.

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