How to Buy a Used Phone – The Complete Guide

Are you looking to buy a new phone any time soon? If you’re a smartphone connoisseur or would call yourself tastefully economical then used phones are your thing. Pre-owned phones are the new black. Anybody and everybody that wishes to save a few extra hundred bucks on a new, in this case pre-owned, phone will most certainly consider this option even if they’re not firm believers in good quality second hand phones.

Smartphones these days – be it Android, Apple, Windows or Blackberry – are extremely expensive and will most probably require you to save up in order to get a new phone. These phones range from $800 all the way up to $1600 on top variants. Gone are the days when you could get a great, all-round phone for under $800.


A lot of these phones carry immense processing power, improved camera abilities and a whole band of new features that most of us don’t even use. Such features are so high-tech that only people who know their way around such devices and those who have a real NEED for such high-tech phones and use them thoroughly.

For the most of us, these phones are underutilised and overexpensive for the amount of apps or features we actually access on them. Therefore it is best to buy what you need and not what’s new or popping. Refurbished cell phones are just as good, if not better, since you get them at slashed rates while they perform the same functions a new one would. So now, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

When to buy a used cell phone?

Since you’re here reading this article you are probably wondering when would be the right time to buy a used phone… Well, take it with a grain of salt that you’ll probably have to wait on a new release to buy the phone you’re currently eyeing. Let me break it down for you.

Apple usually releases their new line-up in the fall, around September through November. So, for example, if you’re eyeing the current latest iPhone 12 Pro Max then my advice to you would be to hold out until Apple drops their next line of iPhones – the 13 series – before you begin researching the second hand market for the best iPhone 12 deals. At this very moment the iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 GB model is holding a value of $1050 in the pre-owned market.

Safe to say, you must have a budget if you’re trying to get your hands on a high-end phone. Even the iPhone 11’s top variant, i.e. the Pro Max with 512 GB memory is going for nearly $900. As for Android, you don’t need to eye the latest phones per se because most of their phones, be it Samsung, Oppo, Vivo or OnePlus, have predecessor models that are just as good as their current latest models.

Of course they also have a high-end section that caters to professional mobile requirements so if you want a used Android phone the best time would be in the early months of the year when these companies release their new phones. Keep an eye out for price drops on your favorite phones February through May.

Inspect the Smartphone


I think it goes without saying that you must inspect your phone before you buy it. When buying a new phone, or an old one in this case, make sure to check all its functions before paying the seller. A lot of phones will appear perfect on the outside but might be lagging or not processing data optimally. You won’t come to know of it until you actually open and run all the apps on it.

Many phones that are resold, are made to look great externally but might have serious problems such as overheating or loss of data. These issues are not something you will come to know about from a quick glance and a well-lit selfie at the store. Most buyers have this notion that they’ll browse through the particulars of the phone later but this thought can be detrimental to your pockets if the phone you just bought won’t even make a call without shutting down a couple of times.

When buying a used phone run diagnostics on the hardware by looking up your phone’s manufacturer and model number online and use that to conduct a thorough hardware check. Follow this up with carefully going through all the major apps and features that you are most likely to use such as the camera, touchscreen, voice recorder, video function, music playback, notepad, the keypad (if any) , the timer, all the major social media apps, the storage, the battery life and more.

You are under no obligation to buy the phone the first instance you lay eyes on it. So take your time to thorough inspect every little detail because at the end of the day you are paying for it out of your own pocket so make sure you’re not robbed off a good deal, especially when there are so many great phones and great deals out there.

Check the Phone’s Exterior and Battery Life


Make sure to check the phone’s body for any sort of hidden damages. The real problem lies in the fact that we don’t know how these damages were caused or how bad they are. Minor scratches here and there are fine but don’t buy a phone if it has a cracked screen or a lose body cover.

Such damages usually mean that the phone has seen its fair bit of accidents and might have incurred internal damage which will cause the phone to malfunction at some point in the future. If the back has a couple of scratches, it works since you’ll probably have a back cover for that. But if the earphone jack or the charging port is damaged, it’ll render your phone useless. Therefore it is important to check for any and all cosmetic damages and battery life before settling on a phone from a given seller.

Buying an Unlocked Phone – What you need to know

When you buy a new phone you are most likely to get an unlocked phone, especially if you choose to buy it from the Apple store or any Android phone outlet for that matter. When you buy an unlocked phone you get the option to pick and choose which carrier you want on your phone based on past experiences and preference.

Unlocked phones give you the freedom to use Dual SIMs in one phone. This is great for people who network extensively and need more than one number. It helps keep social groups separate and bring order to the way one chooses to use their phones. Unlocked Dual SIM phones are gaining more and more popularity by the day due to their obvious superior functional benefits.

Buying a phone from a carrier though, is a whole different story. Many, or rather most carriers lock the phones they sell in order to ensure their customers don’t switch to a different network for as long as they don’t pay off the phone or to lock down on their consumer base. This has its own benefits however – carriers offer a lot of schemes and plans to lure consumers in to pick them over other carriers. This helps the buyer save a few extra bucks and. Some major carriers such as Verizon and T-Mobile often have many offers on and about so make sure to check those out before settling on a carrier.

Determine the right Carrier for your Phone


Buying a used or a new phone for that matter, that isn’t compatible with your carrier or network provider isn’t the greatest idea. When you buy a used phone it is important to note which carrier is being used in it. Many used phones that are up for resale won’t have a pre-loaded carrier. In which case it becomes easy to put whatever carrier you want in it.

For instance, if you’ve got a Verizon SIM on you and wish to buy a used phone it is best to look up phones that are compatible with Verizon. The best place to find that is with Verizon itself. Carriers take care of the whole process since it also benefits them. This way, carriers can retain and grow their customer base, and you – the customer – won’t have to get a new carrier or end up with a toy phone without service.

To make things smoother, if you’re the type of person that favors a certain carrier over others, it is best to head to the network provider store and purchase a refurbished cell phone from them. This saves you the trouble of having to find compatible phones and carriers and you can get done with the process a lot quicker.

Check Network Compatibility


The phone you buy with a carrier will have a certain level of signal strength where you live or buy it from. Before you finalize on a phone make sure to check the signal strength in your area. For example, AT&T has been shown to have good network all across the United States except for a few states down South but in the North Western states it is completely overhauled by Verizon.

Sprint has been shown to have decent network coverage in very few states most in the central region and completely losing hand on the East Coast states to AT&T and T-Mobile. Therefore it is important to look up different network provider standings in you r location before you buy an phone with a carrier. Basing your purchase on this will go a long way to provide you great service for however long you choose to use the phone before switching over a new one.

Make Sure the Phone Wasn’t Reported Stolen


Many-a-times stolen phones will end up on the resale market since many dealers are looking to make a quick profit and won’t bother to find out if the phones are reported stolen or not. This does not affect them per se, since you, the buyer, are responsible for using the phone at the end of the day.

It goes without saying that any article that is or may be tied to a criminal investigation reeks of trouble. A stolen phone may bring with it many problems and if you don’t have proper certification of the phone you buy, which includes the date and location of purchase, you might have to have the consequences. Taking on such a huge responsibility is truly not worth it.

In order to be certain you’re not falling prey to a stolen phone, check for things like the original box, the user manual and all connecting cords. Having all of these present is a good sign since thieves will not have had the opportunity to pick up the whole set while trying to pick pocket a phone at random.

Sellers much also go the extra length to verify the authenticity of the phone by cross checking the IMEI number with database records to check for stolen and or reported phones. The authenticity and credibility of a seller will play a huge role and making sure you don’t commit a blunder.

Buy From a Trusted Seller – Where to Buy From


Which brings is to the next point – buying from a trusted seller/reseller. When buying a used or refurbished phone is it important to employ discretion.

There are two ways to buy a second-hand phone. You either walk into a brick and mortar store and browse the shelves for the perfect phone or shop online from (preferably) one of the trusted online marketplaces such as SmartphonesPLUS, eBay Gazelle or Swappa. Buying a phone from a physical store is much easier and leaves less up to fate.

Purchasing a phone online, however, isn’t that simple. You will be sharing your payment information, bank routing number and address with a stranger on the internet which carries a certain level of danger value with it.

In order to make sure you don’t let hundreds of dollars go to waste, do your due diligence and check for certain pointers before making a purchase. If your online seller has gotten one too many bad reviews or their website looks dingy, trust your instincts. Do NOT go ahead and gamble your hard earned money on something you can’t control after. Always make sure to check for image reviews from previous buyers. If anything seems off you are under no constriction to continue on that particular website.

Feel free to take some time to research the market, locally and online, before you go ahead and pay someone for a phone. If you do happen to buy a phone from a store, check its reviews online before doing so. This is all to ensure you don’t get duped since electronics are easily manipulable and might stop working after a certain time, given it’s a pre-owned phone.

Consider the Software Updates


With the rapid progression in mobile technology, new software updates are being released every other day. When buying a used phone check the software that is pre-installed in it. Most older Android phones will not be able to support the newer system updates as the competition in the Android market in fierce and all phone companies are trying to one-up each other continuously.

As such a phone that is 2 or 3 years old is practically just that, an old phone. It will probably not be able to support the newer OS hence you might want to look for something that isn’t more than a year old. Prices on such phones also come accordingly so you’ll be getting a great out of it. iPhones on the other hand are able to not only support and run newer OS’s but also maintain a certain level of brand value that Androids don’t due to the market saturation, so if you wish to sell it after a year of use you are more likely to get a better deal on an old iPhone XR than on a Samsung Galaxy On Series phone.

When buying a phone it is also important to keep the resale value in mind and knowing how well the software is going to stack up against phones that will be in circulation a year after you purchase your phone, will go a long way in determining which phone you buy.

Check the Return Policy

This may sound frugal but the money you spend on buying a phone is yours and you must have the right to get it back if you find yourself dissatisfied with your purchase. Most trusted sellers will give you a timeframe of 2 to 3 weeks to check out your phone and see if you really wish to keep it.

A seller that doesn’t provide you with a decent return policy is probably not too sure about the quality of the device and is only looking to make a purchase and get the device off their hands. In such cases, do not bend to the whims of the seller and immediately call it off. You must be able to go through each and every function of the phone and decide for yourself whether to keep or return it so you can buy a different phone – something better suited to your needs.

There must be a reason behind you opting for a particular phone due to a certain feature or an emotional attachment to a certain model. So if you find that lacking you should be able to continue your search. Hence, it is important to buy the phone from a seller with a flexible return policy.


Compare Prices

Any sensible consumer knows to compare prices before buying a phone from a specific seller. Know the going rate on the phone that you want and look for a seller that is willing to give you a good deal on it. You do not have to buy the first phone you see so take your time and research prices on different online marketplaces before paying a heavy sum of cash that you might not get back. Some of the most popular sites to buy refurbished cell phones from are Swappa, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Gazelle, Declutter, SellCell and SmartphonesPLUS.

Buy Used Cell Phones at SmartphonesPLUS


At we cater to whole array of smartphone needs. Whether you wish to sell your iPhone or Android device, or buy one for that matter, we are happy to assist you in your search and help find the best phone for you.

We have a whole line-up of high quality used, pre-owned and refurbished cell phones that have undergone stringent quality checks to deliver the best smartphones to you.

Buying a second-hand phone has never been easier so click here to know more about what we have to offer. Happy Shopping!!

Can a Smartphone Actually Save me MONEY

Can a Smartphone Actually Save me MONEY? Yes, here’s HOW!

When it comes to saving money there a plenty of ways to go about doing it. But did you know that your smartphone can not only help you save money but also earn a few extra bucks?

Whether you opt to buy used phones or get yourself a pre-owned iPhone, you’ll be adding to your miscellaneous savings while doing so. As of this moment right now, over 96.72% of Americans own a smartphone. That’s an enormous leap from 2016 when only a small percentage of 26% of the population owned a smartphone. The rest of them still own older phones or don’t own any phones at all.

When it comes to getting a new phone many of us might still be reluctant since we’re thinking about saving some dollars towards something more important. Knowing how you are going to capitalize on your phones is also important. As smartphones continue to evolve there is always MORE that you can do on it.

Can a Smartphone Actually Save me MONEY

Let’s take a look at some ingenious ways you can save money by learning to use your smartphone in a smarter way.

1. Coupon Codes and Smart Deals – Coupons are an obvious way to save money and you don’t need this article to tell you that. But unless you have a smartphone how are you going to use these digital coupons? If you have a smartphone you can download numerous free coupon apps that will browse the internet for the deals on your purchase and present them to you in a classified list. Many a times you will get limited period discount deals and limited edition offers that you will miss out on unless you have a smartphone. Now you can get deals on restaurants, salons, coffee shops and bars and a lot more.

2. Say Goodbye to Landline – What are landlines used for mainly? Long distance calls. But these days there a whole bunch of apps on Play Store and the App Store where you can download apps that enable you to call internationally without having to pay a single cent towards your telephone bill. Famous social media apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and Google Duo have thrown landline out of the tech window never to been seen again.

3. Easily Budget & Monitor Spending – The first step to successful money management on your phone is establishing a budget that you feel comfortable sticking to. Having all your accounts on your phone helps you monitor your spending across all accounts as when you wish to. There are quite a few personal finance apps like Mint that help you with setting budgets and monitoring spending seamlessly. Now that is it easier to maintain a record of your finances you’ll feel more responsible spending your money and tracking it on your phones is the most convenient way to go about it. At the end of the day, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Can a Smartphone Actually Save me MONEY

4. Pay your Bills with Ease – Wouldn’t you just love it if you had someone or something to remind you every time you had a bill to pay, especially when late fines can suck up your salary before you get to count it? With a smartphone you can get many apps such as Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, GooglePay and more to help you receive reminders and pay your bills on time as well as view all account information in one place. Never be hit with a late fee again!

5. Take Beautiful Pictures – It goes without saying that smartphones these days come with some of the most advanced cameras mankind has seen till date. Gone are the days when you needed to carry heavy DSLR’s around with you, everywhere you went. In addition to cutting down on camera overheads, novice photographers can get a cheaper iPhones that render the best picture quality one can get on a smartphone. An iPhone can be expensive and since you’re trying to cut costs you can look up refurbished iPhone for sale on online marketplaces such as for some of the best deals.

Amongst Androids, Samsung is one of the leaders is phone cameras. The best Samsung phones are admittedly pricey so if you’re not really an Apple fan and wish to get a good deal on refurbished Samsung phones you’re in luck because we’ve got them too. Head over to the website to get a quote on your favorite camera phone instantly.

Can a Smartphone Actually Save me MONEY

These are some of the most popular and genuine reasons for why you need to get your hands on a smartphone pronto! Apart from these a smartphone can also help you navigate faster in traffic through responsive and built-in GPS systems, they can help you invest in stocks and shares and help you keep a live watch on share prices, you can read books online by getting them on the Kindle App, compare product reviews, browse the internet and let’s not forget online shopping.

In order to keep pace with the rest for the world it is crucial that you have access to the same information as they do. In order to make that happen you must get yourself a Smartphone as soon as possible. For some of the best deals on refurbished phones check out our Buy page today!

How to Sell My Samsung Galaxy Phone (The Right Way)

How to Sell My Samsung Galaxy Phone (The Right Way)

There could be multiple reasons why one would want to sell their phone. Do you want to upgrade to a new phone? Do you want to sell your old phone to get some cash? Are you simply bored of your current phone?

With all the new technology being incorporated into these new releases these days it’s quite understandable if you would want to get a new phone just because. Whatever your reason, parting with your phone comes with a few steps you must follow to ensure the safety of your own data and to make for a smoother reselling process.

In order to sell your phone make sure you follow the steps below:

Remove the SIM – Your SIM is your number alone. Do not forget to take the SIM cards out before giving your phone away since this can lead to a lot of problems down the line. The person buying your phone can misuse your SIM to their advantage and lend you in a world of trouble. Leaving your SIM card in your phone is an honest mistake that can happen to anyone, but you must try and avoid it at all costs.

Remove the memory/SD card – Most phones these days come with a card tray that can hold 2 SIM cards and a memory card. Make sure to take your memory card out before selling your phone. But isn’t the transaction going to fetch me a higher value if I provide a memory card with it? Sure, if you wish to sell it then make sure you remove all the contents from the card before you do so. Leaving your personal files can be dangerous for you and troublesome for the buyer so make sure you clear the card out beforehand.

How to Sell My Samsung Galaxy Phone (The Right Way)


Erase the phone data – Once you’ve removed your SIM cards and your memory card go through your phone and delete all the other data that is saved in your phone by default such as your Google accounts’ information, your contacts, your apps and app data, system settings, etc. If you’re unsure about what you need to erase or don’t know where miscellaneous data might be stored then go to System Settings and Format/ Factory Reset your phone. You must delete all the data on your phone thoroughly to ensure your safety.

Now that you’ve cleared out your phone, there are a couple pointers you must bear in mind to make sure you don’t get ripped off while trying to sell your phone.

Do your due research – Doing your research entails finding out all the possible options for you to sell your phone and get the highest returns on it. You can sell it nearby to a friend or a family member which is the quickest way to sell and get returns on your phone, you can sell it online directly to the end buyer through reputed marketplaces to ensure you don’t get scammed, or you can sell it to a store company online that disassembles phones and sells individual parts separately for repair purposes.

This last option will most likely give you the least returns since people who do sell it this way are selling phones that are almost non-functional or worn out; due to this reason, picking this channel with not fetch you as much as the other options stated above.

Read the terms thoroughly – If you are selling online, either look for trustworthy sites such as eBay and Craigslist where you can sell your handset directly to the buyer. Depending on demand and availability and the condition of your phone this option may turn out to be the most lucrative.

State your price – Whichever Samsung phone you have, it is an asset and you must treat it like one. Ensure that you take the time to determine how much you are willing to take for the product after checking out its value and resell prices online. The internet has a huge market for refurbished Samsung phones that are in great condition so you are bound to get a good price on it if you sell it at the right price and leave a wiggle little room for negotiation. You can also search for online listings of the product to determine the price. Also, learn to walk away if the deal is not going in your favor or as per your expectations since you will probably find many worthwhile deals with a little effort.

How to Sell My Samsung Galaxy Phone (The Right Way)


To help you get a clearer idea and further your research, here are a few deals on some popular online marketplaces that you can refer to while setting a price or setting your expectations from your old Samsung Galaxy phone.

1. A Used 64GB Galaxy S8 on Verizon in good condition can fetch you the following deals.

Swappa: $175
eBay: $134
Blazing Electronics: $120
Decluttr: $93
uSell: $86
Amazon: $110.05 (gift card)
Best Buy: $110 (gift card)
Walmart: $65 (gift card)

2. Used 64GB Galaxy S9 Plus on AT&T in good condition can get you the following deals.

eBay: $300
Swappa: $289
Blazing Electronics: $171
Decluttr: $170
Amazon: $140 (gift card)
uSell: $140
Best Buy: $140 (gift card)
Walmart: $115 (gift card)

3. Used 128GB Galaxy S10 unlocked in good condition will get you the following deals.

eBay: $430
Swappa: $460
Decluttr: $317
Blazing Electronics: $322
uSell: $235
Walmart: $200 (gift card)

At we host a variety of refurbished cell phones that are in immaculate condition and also accept all older models of Samsung phones. Depending on the cosmetic and functional condition of your phone you can get a great deal on it so head over to the website and get an on-the-spot estimate right away!!!

Top 5 Budget Phones for Christmas 2020

Top Selling Refurbished Phones of 2020

2020 has seen many rollercoasters. With a major chunk of the world’s white collar workforce operating out of home offices, this year has recorded some of the highest electronics’ sales in the last decade. High up in the run are Smartphones from having advantages like accessibility, affordability, multi-facetism and their creators’ foresightedness and ability to scale.

At the beginning of 2020, Samsung stood atop the ranks for having the highest number of phones sold in the year 2019 and 2018 in all four quarters. Samsung has successfully managed to maintain status quo over the past two years but they’re not the only ones. Huawei and Xiaomi have also ranked higher than the number of iPhones Apples sold.

To put that into perspective, Samsung sold 80.4 million units in the third quarter of 2020, Apple sold 40.5 million, Xiaomi and Huawei sold 42 million and 65 million respectively after a global decline of an overall 5.7%. That’s over 228 million units sold in 3 MONTHS ALONE having witnessed a decline nonetheless! How many new units are these giants pushing in a year? Do the math.

The market share for BBK Group (OPPO, Vivo, Realme, and OnePlus) has increased from 20% in June to 22% September 2020. 2% may not seem like a lot but it translates into millions in dollars gained. The group is set on its path to becoming the largest smartphone manufacturer group globally with three of its brands in the top 10.

Let’s look at this year’s champion phones that enabled their home companies to hoist their flag amongst the winners.

1. OnePlus Nord One of the most sold phones in 2020 and also a personal favorite. This phone has all the flagship features of a headlining OnePlus phone, available in the mid-range phones’ bracket. The Nord comes in an impressive 6.4 inch AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and an in-display fingerprint sensor. A lot of their competitors have tried to feature an in-display sensor at the same price point but OnePlus left them in the dust with ease. The camera was the only let down for those looking to buy it for any creative requirements, as a lot of other phones offer better photography modes at much lower costs.

2. Samsung Galaxy A51 – Samsung has managed to achieve staggering numbers with the Galaxy A51 having sold close to 15 million units worldwide. It is one of their most popular models. The phone sports a massive 6.5 inch Super AMOLED display which is a feast for gamers and streamers alike. The Samsung Galaxy A51 has also seen the largest number of resales making it ones of the most in-demand phones in 2020 due to its high powered Octa-core processor and a 48 megapixel camera.

3. iPhone 7 – Even though Apple keeps pumping out new tech every year and re-establishing their presence in the smartphone market, their old phones are not to be forgotten so easily and the iPhone 7 proves just that. Although, Apple’s new phones are really advanced and attract all the attention, this phone was still being circulated in the market due to its dropped prices allowing non-Apple users to get a taste of what it’s like to use one of their most premium products out, making it one of the most refurbished phones of the year.

4. iPhone 11 – Far ahead in the race is the iPhone 11. This phone has given users a great ROI compared to its predecessors owing to which it is still in circulation. Its 6.1 inch liquid retina display, 12 MP primary camera with a wide-angle sensor and a gleaming LCD panel earns it a zing and flair that older phones seem to be lacking, coupled with Apple’s A13 Bionic chip giving it a boost in processing capabilities, not far behind their 12 series.

5. Poco X2 – Last but not least, we have the X2 from Poco. They launched this phone after an 18 month break and saw sales figures go through the roof. One of the main reasons why they were able to see success with the X2 was due to features like 120Hz display; a viewing and gaming pleasure with a 33W charging which means faster charging and more screen time. Although it faced controversy due to its resemblance to Redmi’s K30, as history would have it, it worked magically in Poco’s favor.

Phones are selling like hotcakes and following it is a wave of second hand phones. Refurbished and resold phones have been fortunate enough to see a growing demand in the market as more and more people are beginning to experiment with different smartphone brands. There are numerous reasons to opt for a refurbished phone like sustainability and low risk. has the most diverse collection of iPhones, tablets and other smartphones from leading brands like Apple, Samsung and OnePlus that come with a warranty period and are delivered safely to your doorstep after thorough inspection and verification of the device you’re purchasing.

This season shop for refurbished cell phones and give someone special something special to celebrate with.

Top 5 Budget Phones for Christmas 2020

Top 5 Budget Phones for Christmas 2020

With Christmas right around the corner, everyone’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about their Christmas presents and what’s more rewarding is to see their eyes light up in excitement when you present them with what they’ve longed for all year. On account of the advancement of cellular phones, what used to be a whole bunch of different things that kids wanted for Christmas is now limited to their favorite mobile phones.

But, let’s be real. With the vast number of household expenses lined up and festive season bringing your friends and family together, you can’t really afford to splurge on a major flagship device every year. A lot of phones under $600 perform exceptionally and astonishingly well so you’re sure to get a phone that’s going to meet all your needs.
Therefore, Smartphones Plus brings you a comprehensive list of Budget Phones that you can get for yourself or gift to a loved one this Christmas.

1. Google Pixel 4A – An outstanding Android phone under $500 – The Google Pixel 4A. If you’re an Android lover and are looking for a sweat deal on a phone that can handle all basic tasks and give you superior camera performance for this price range then this is the phone for you. It takes standard quality pictures in daylight, has an above average night mode and a decent portrait mode. All in all a good phone for the bracket it falls under. The Pixel 4A is an inexpensive smartphone that only comes in a 128 gigs variant and will cost around $360 – $400 depending on the retailer you’re buying it from.

Buy Google pixel 4a


2. iPhone SE – If you’re looking to get an iPhone that carries out all the rudimentary operations expected of it and falls under your budget then the iPhone SE is the one for you. Apple claims to have put the brains and processing capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro into the body of the SE which is also their most popular size – 4.7 inches. This phone runs on the A13 bionic chip which gives you super high processing speeds at a very low price. Launching and toggling between multiple apps flows smoothly and Portrait mode effortlessly makes you the star of the big picture by defocusing the background even when you’re taking selfies. You can get it at a store near you for just $399 but be on the lookout for special Christmas discounted deals since tis’ the season for it.

buy iPhone SE


3. Samsung Galaxy S10e – This phone often gets compared to the Galaxy S10 due to both of them belonging to the same series but it is undoubtedly the more affordable version. The S10e comes with a 5.8 inch Full HD display making it a snug fit in your hands. Although it is devoid of the telephoto lens, its main and ultrawide lenses are more than enough to capture crystal clear images in both daylight and night mode. If you’re hoping to get the in-screen fingerprint sensor then you’re going to be disappointed but outside of that this phone has 8/10 features of most flagship phones these days, so there’s not much you’ll be missing out on with the Samsung Galaxy S10e. Prices start from $549 and can go up to $599 depending on location, your retailer and when you choose to buy it.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S10E


4. Nokia 7.2 – Nokia has seen a lot of waves in their demand these past few years and have been fighting to retain a market share with their medium range phones. This is because they put up a tough completion to their contemporaries with their low range yet high performance processing phones. The Nokia 7.2 comes in a handy 6.3 inches IPS LCD, HDR10 display with an 82.4% screen-to-body ratio. Although it runs on the default Pie OS, it can easily be upgraded to Android Q (Android 10) and Android One. You can find this phone in 4GB and 6GB RAM versions with up to 128 GB storage. It features a triple camera consisting of a 48 megapixel wide angle camera, an 8 megapixel ultrawide camera and a 5 megapixel depth sensing lens along with seamless 4K recording at 30 fps. The 128 GB with 6GB RAM variant is available on Amazon for a meagre $297 which is steal for the features it provides.

5. OnePlus Nord – Every OnePlus phone is a leap ahead of its predecessor but the Nord is a special case. The OnePlus Nord has all the features that a flagship OnePlus is expected to have but at exorbitantly slashed rates. The phone comes in a nifty 6.44 inches Fluid AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate which is exceptional for a mobile phone display making it excellent for all kinds of gaming experiences from FPS gaming to arcade games and everything in between. Although it isn’t their flagship number it boasts their evergreen Blue Marble and Gray Onyx colors that give it a premium finish. But that’s not all that’s premium about it; the Nord comes with a main quad camera setting made up of a 48 megapixel wide lens, an 8 megapixel ultrawide lens, a 5 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro lens. The front camera isn’t far behind in this aspect having a 32 megapixel wide lens and an 8 megapixel ultrawide lens which makes it one of the best Android camera phones out in the market today. You can find it at multiple online stores starting at a miniscule $399 which is a bang for your buck considering the values it renders for its price.

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