iPhone Screen Repair Cost Iowa City, Coralville

We know that iPhone accidents happen, and screens can crack or break, which is frustrating because you use your iPhone every day. If you’re in this situation, don’t worry! We’ll go over the iPhone screen repair cost, factors determine the price, and where you can get yours fixed the same day.

iPhone repair costs depend on the model

The cost of iPhone screen repair varies depending on the model of the iPhone and the severity of the damage. Typically, the newer the model, the more expensive the repair will be. For example, repairing an iPhone 12 screen will cost more than an iPhone 8 screen because the former has a more advanced screen technology. Many newer phones will use OLED technology vs LCD technology in older models.

Prices change depending on where you get it fixed

The cost of iPhone screen repair can also vary depending on where you go to get it fixed. Apple stores are usually the most expensive option, with prices that can be over $100 more, depending on the model. If you go to an authorized repair shop, the cost may be slightly lower, but it still may be higher than going to a third-party repair shop.



Third-party repair shops, like SmartphonesPLUS, tend to offer the most affordable iPhone screen repair cost. However, it’s essential to ensure that the shop you choose is reputable and uses high-quality replacement parts. Using low-quality parts may result in further damage to your iPhone or a shorter lifespan for the screen replacement. This is why SmartphonesPLUS always uses premium parts for their repairs and offers a lifetime warranty.

Get a Free Phone Repair Estimate Online

The cost of iPhone screen repair varies depending on the model of the iPhone, the extent of the damage, and where you go to get it fixed. If you have an older model iPhone, it may be more cost-effective to replace the device entirely rather than repair the screen. However, if you have a newer model, repairing the screen is likely the better option. Always do your research before choosing a repair shop to ensure that you get high-quality service and parts at a fair price. If you’d like to make an a phone repair appointment online and see the price of you phone repair, you can visit the SmartphonesPLUS website or stop into the stores in Iowa City/Coralville and Cedar Rapids, IA.

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