Sell My Apple Watch

Want to sell your Apple Watch at a great value? Do it with Smartphones PLUS.

Select your Apple Watch to sell

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How to Sell with Smartphones PLUS

Selling your Apple Watch with us can’t get easier. First, make sure to find the model of your Apple Watch by going to Settings > General > About.


Once you’re sure what Apple Watch model you have, it’s time to click on the corresponding unit on this page.


If you can’t find your Apple Watch’s model, make sure to fill out our custom quote form.

What Apple Watch models can you sell?

You can sell any Apple Watch that’s in usable condition. As long as it works, we’ll give it a great price and find a place for that old watch of yours.


The selection of Apple Watch models you can sell with Smartphones PLUS isn’t final, and you can always reach out to us to get a custom quote for the Apple Watch you want to sell.

Do you need to include accessories?

We DO NOT require our customers to include the charger and other accessories that come with their Apple Watch. 


You may include the accessories if you’d like, but we’d like to tell you that it may or may not change the amount we’ll offer for your Apple Watch.


Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to inform you whether or not your accessories will be quoted.

How do you get paid?

We know you want to get paid for your Apple Watch fast.


That’s why we offer an excellent payout mechanic that’ll allow you to get your money as soon as you drop your Apple Watch off at your local Smartphones PLUS.


The process goes this way:


  1. We receive your device.
  2. Our technicians inspect your Apple Watch to make sure we give it the right price and pay you accordingly.
  3. We’ll send your payout.


To make the process from receipt to payout faster, make sure to take your sweet time selecting the exact model, network, storage capacity, and condition of your Apple Watch.


Differences in online quote requests may delay the payout process.

Prepare your Apple Watch for sale

Ready to hand your Apple Watch over to us? We’ll help you prepare your unit for a seamless transaction.


Make sure to take each step to avoid issues:


  • Turn off Activation Lock.
    • Keep your Apple Watch close to your iPhone.
    • Open the Apple Watch app and go to My Watch.
    • Tap the ⓘ button.
    • Unpair.
    • Enter your Apple ID password to turn off Activation Lock.
    • Confirm.
  • Before shipping, we recommend that you insure your shipment against loss, theft, and damage.


Once you’re done with each step, let’s get to selling!