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With the release of the latest iPhone, upgrading is the topic on everyone’s mind. The new iPhone 14 Pro does not disappoint, and is one of the best phones money can buy right now. It packs a whole lot of useful and mind-blowing features. But with all the iPhone 14 Pro’s features and specs, is it worth the upgrade from your current device? Well, in this article, we’ll tell you three reasons why  you should upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro and three reasons why you may want to stick to your current device.

Reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro

Dynamic Island

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island

The old notch has finally been done away with on the iPhone 14 Pro series, and it’s been replaced with a pill-shaped cutout called Dynamic Island. Unlike cutouts from competitors, Dynamic Island doesn’t just serve as the housing for the iPhone 14 Pro’s selfie camera and Face ID. It also serves as a live activity tracker and a multitasking bar. It does this by displaying live activities like music playing or timers that are ticking in the background.

Right now, the capabilities of Dynamic Island are limited to system apps. Once the Live Activity Api is released by Apple, it’ll give developers the chance to tinker with the Dynamic Island feature and continue developing its uses. Then it’ll be a really great feature, and certainly one worth upgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro for.

Life-saving new features

Crash detection feature on iPhone

The new iPhone 14 Pro packs a really great set of new features. The two that stand out from the rest are the Satellite Connectivity and Crash Detection features.

 The Crash detection feature, as the name suggests, is a feature on the iPhone 14 series that can detect when a vehicle has been in a crash and alert emergency services. Satellite Connectivity is a feature that enables the iPhone 14 series to connect with a satellite to send messages when cell network is unavailable. The only downsides to this feature is that it’s only available in the US and Canada, and it’s also a paid service.

 If you absolutely want these new features, then the iPhone 14 Pro is a worthwhile upgrade.

Best Camera

Close up of camera on iPhone 14 Deep Purple.

The iPhone 14 Pro has arguably the best camera system on a smartphone to date. It sports a new and bigger 48MP main sensor, a 12MP ultrawide, and a 12MP 3x telephoto sensor. With these camera updates, you’ll be able to capture arguably the best pictures possible with any smartphone. And using ProRaw mode, you’ll be able to shoot some incredibly detailed and sharp pictures.

The iPhone 14 Pro also packs spectacular picture processing software within the Photonic Engine. The Photonic engine goes through each pixel when a picture is taken and improves the quality. When it comes down to it, the camera system on the iPhone 14 Pro is definitely enough reason to upgrade.

Reasons Not to Upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro

Pill-shaped cutout

iPhone's Pill-Shape Notch

Looking past the Dynamic Island branding, the pill-shaped cutout is what it is: an obtrusive hole on your screen that’ll cut into your content.

If you watch a lot of full-screen content, then you’ll most likely hate the pill cutout. You could even end up hating it more than the notch because it’s lower on your screen. The cutout on the iPhone 14 Pro is a bad sight compared to the hole-punch cutout on Android phones. If this obtrusion on the iPhone 14 Pro is going to bother you, you may opt against upgrading.

The iPhone 13

If you’re currently using an iPhone 13 Pro, then the iPhone 14 Max isn’t worth the upgrade. You’ll be better off sticking with your current iPhone 13 Pro series. That is, unless you’re upgrading from the iPhone 13 Pro to the iPhone 14 Pro because of a bigger screen.

Another thing about the iPhone 13 Pro is that it’s a better value than the iPhone 14 Pro right now. You get one of last year’s best phones with an extremely capable processor and a notch that’s arguably less intrusive than this year’s cutout at a cheaper price. The iPhone 13 is already great value for your money, and you can save even more by buying one that’s been refurbished at SmartphonesPLUS

USB-C on iPhone 15

If you haven’t heard, the EU passed a law that will force Apple to adopt the USB type-c charging method. The latest iPhone 14 series does not use USB type-c because the law is not yet in effect.

 The law will officially come into effect in 2024, so any small smartphone that doesn’t use USB-C by 2024 will be banned. With that being said, the iPhone 15 series will undoubtedly ship with USB-C. Thus ending the confusion, inconvenience, and waste of having to carry two different charging cables for your iPhone and Macbook.

 If USB-C on iPhones has been something you’ve been hoping for, then skipping this year’s iPhone 14 Pro might just be worth it.


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