iphone 13 pro in blue, iphone 14 pro in deep purple.

The iPhone 14 Pro is the successor of last year’s iPhone 13 Pro, and brings a good number of changes.  But is it worth the upgrade from the iPhone 13 Pro? If you are an iPhone 13 Pro user and you’re contemplating switching to the new Pro iPhone, let this article serve as the comparison you’ve been looking for!


If you’re obsessed with power, then the iPhone 14 pro might just be worth the upgrade from the iPhone 13 pro.


Benchmark (Higher Is better)A15 Bionic (iPhone 13 Pro)A16 Bionic (iPhone 14 Pro)
GeekbenchSingle-Core Score


Multi-Core Score


Single-Core Score


Multi-Core Score


Antutu 9796318972751


From the benchmark scores, it’s clear that the A16 Bionic is quite the upgrade from the A15, but you won’t notice any significant difference in day-to-day usage. Where you’ll see the power difference and Apple’s new cooling system is when you run power-hungry apps and games like lightroom, PUBG, etc. 

If you’re a gamer or someone, then the iPhone 14 Pro might be worth the upgrade from the iPhone 13 Pro.


Close up of camera on iPhone 14 Deep Purple.

The new iPhone 14 Pro boasts a significant upgrade in both camera hardware and software when compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. 

For starters, the newer iPhone 14 Pro sports a higher 48MP camera versus the 12MP camera on the iPhone 13 Pro. With the iPhone 14 Pro, you’ll get way more detail in your pictures, especially if you shoot in Pro Raw mode. The iPhone 14 Pro also has a 65% bigger sensor than the iPhone 13 Pro, meaning it can take in significantly more light. This will result in better night shots and quality.

On the software side, Apple introduced the Photonic engine with the iPhone 14 series. The Photonic engine goes through and improves each individual pixel when a photo is taken, resulting in better pictures.

If you want the best of the best when it comes to pictures, then it’s definitely worth upgrading.

Battery and Charging

Battery life and charging speed are arguably the least changed things between the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 13 ProiPhone 14 Pro
Battery Capacity3095mAh3200mAh
Charging Speed20W Lightning Charging23W Lightning Charging

Apple’s latest model comes with a 3200mAh cell, while the iPhone 13 Pro carries a battery capacity of 3095mAh. According to Apple, this translates to 1 hour more of video playback when compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. In real-world usage, there’s not much difference in battery life, with most tests seeing the iPhone 14 Pro outlast the iPhone 13 Pro by an hour at best. Charging speeds between both phones are pretty much the same, with only a 3 Watt increase in favor of the newer Pro iPhone.

So if Battery life is your main concern, then the iPhone 14 Pro doesn’t bring enough to the table to be worth an upgrade.


As expected, the new iPhone’s design remains largely unchanged. The most prominent difference is that the camera size is much larger on the iPhone 14 Pro. On the front side is where we see the biggest design change on an iPhone in 5 years. The notch is finally gone. And it’s been replaced with a pill-shaped cutout dubbed the Dynamic Island. More on that later…

Overall the iPhone 14 Pro only has added two more grams than its predecessor. So not much difference between the two phones except for the new cutout.

New features

Dynamic Island

iPhone 14 Pro's new Dynamic Island notch

With the newest iPhone release, Apple also rolls out the new Dynamic Island feature. The 5-year-old notch has been replaced with a surprisingly cool new pill-shaped cutout Apple calls the Dynamic Island. Instead of trying to hide the cutout like other OEMs, Apple embraces it using software. The Dynamic Island displays UI elements like a music-playing widget and helps users interact with multiple apps using the top of the screen.

Satellite Connectivity

Satellite connectivity is another major feature on the new iPhones. It allows users to communicate using a satellite connection in cases when cell network is unavailable. The downsides to this are that it’s only available in the US and Canada and you’ll also have to pay a monthly fee to use the feature after your free two years expire.

Crash Detection

An iPhone 14 displays it's new crash detection alert on a phone screen.

Crash detection is another new feature that could save your life. As the name suggests, this new feature can detect whenever a person has been involved in a car crash. It will then ask the user to respond to some signals. If the user fails to do so, it will contact emergency services.


Well, now you’ve got the rundown on the differences between this year’s iPhone and the previous model, the iPhone 13 Pro. Take some time to think about which device best suits your lifestyle and make a decision from there. In the meantime, check out our collection of certified refurbished iPhones here. 

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