iPhone 14 Pro in Deep Purple laying on top of factory box.

Earlier this fall at Apple’s Far Out event, the new iPhone 14 Pro series was revealed. After much anticipation, it was released to the public on the 16th of September. As usual, the new Pro iPhones pack a ton of features that make them stand out from the competition and their predecessors. In this article, we’ll review our top 6 iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max features.

1. 1-120hz LTPO display

The iPhone 14 Pros now come with an advanced LTPO display that can go as low as 1hz. This differs from the last version of the iPhone Pro, whose lowest LTPO display was 10hz. Why would Apple choose to lower the floor on their display with this new generation? To save battery! Now, when viewing static things on your iPhone Pro 14, the refresh rate will go down to 1hz with the intention of extending battery life.  

This LTPO display has made it possible for Apple to finally add a long-awaited feature to the iPhone 14 Pros: Always On Display.

2.  Always-On-Display

Always on display feature on the new iPhone 14

The new LTPO display on the iPhone 14 Pro allows its refresh rate to go down to 1hz. This display tech lets Apple finally add an Always-on-display feature to the Pro iPhone 14 series. This is a feature that Android phones have had for quite some time, long before upscaling and downscaling screen refresh rates were introduced. Well Apple, better late than never.

To stand out from their Android competitor, they’ve done this the Apple way. Instead of the usual screen with a clock face and notifications, Apple dims the wallpaper and only displays notifications, time bar, and widgets.

 3. Dynamic Island

3 iPhone 14 displayed, showing Dynamic Island feature.

Dynamic Island is one of the standout features with this year’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. It is the pill-shaped indent that houses the iPhone 14 Pro front camera and FaceID software. Instead of just leaving the cutout on the screen in hope that it goes unnoticed by iPhone users, Apple found a way to make users WANT the cutout by making it an exclusive, interactive software feature. 

Dynamic Island allows for some form of multitasking where users can easily interact with different apps using the Island. It also keeps users up to speed on unfinished tasks in other apps. For example, if you’re playing music and you switch to another app, you can press and hold the Island to see your songs progress. 

We expect the Dynamic Island to become more useful and prominent as developers continue to adapt their apps to the feature.

4. Crash Detection

An iPhone 14 displays it's new crash detection alert on a phone screen.

Crash Detection is one of the best new features within the entire iPhone 14 series. It’s a feature that you hope to never need but will be grateful you bought an iPhone 14 if the need arises.

As the name suggests, the new Crash Detection feature on the iPhone 14 series can detect whenever a user has been in a car crash. Upon detecting a possible crash, the iPhone 14 sends signals to the user, prompting them to confirm the situation and place an emergency call. If the user doesn’t respond, it sends an SOS signal to emergency services nearby automatically.

This is honestly one of the best features ever on a smartphone.

5. Satellite Connectivity

iPhone 14 satellite connectivity feature screen prompt

Another life saving feature of the new iPhone 14 series is satellite connectivity. The satellite connectivity feature enables the iPhone 14s to communicate with a satellite in situations when there is no cell network.

This feature proves extremely useful in cases where people are lost in places where there is not a single shred of cell signal. All the iPhone 14 Pro users will have to do to send a message is aim the iPhone directly at the satellite, and the iPhone will point you in the satellite’s direction. Once the phone is in the right direction, users can then send a message that will get delivered in a few minutes.

6. 48MP Camera

Close up of camera on iPhone 14 Deep Purple.

The new iPhone 14 Pro totes a huge camera upgrade. Apple has finally moved on from 12MP sensors to a 48MP sensor. This new sensor is also 65% bigger than the Pro iPhone 13s module and can capture 2x more light. All this translates to very detailed pictures, impressive low light performance, and a new 2x mode that doesn’t lose quality.

Apple also introduced the Photonic engine. The Photonic software engine goes through and improves each individual pixel when a picture is taken. This results in sharper and more detailed pictures.



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