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Flawless Has absolutely no scratches, scuffs, or marks. Looks brand new. Device is fully functional.
Good Light signs of wear. Contains few light scratches or marks. Device is fully functional.
Fair Moderate to excessive signs of wear. Contains excessive scratching, marks, or dents. No cracks or chips on the screen or back glass. Device is fully functional.
Broken Cracked or chipped screen/back glass/frame, water damaged, LCD burn/ghost image, pixel damage, bad port(s), bad battery, or other hardware or software issues. All parts of the device must be included.
No Power The device does not power on or work. All parts of the device must be included.
We do NOT accept items that have been reported lost or stolen.
Any item that still has an iCloud, Google, Samsung account active will NOT be accepted either.
The prices shown represent devices that have been fully paid off and are no longer on an account. Devices with a balance due or active account will have a reduced value.

iPhone SE (2020)


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