Where To Buy Used Cell Phones in Cedar Rapids, IA

The best cell phone store in Cedar Rapids, IA

SmartphonesPLUS has opened up its second location in Cedar Rapids, IA at 1100 Blairs Ferry Rd Ste 105 on May 14, 2020. The first location, located inside the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, IA is still open and fully operational. They specialize in refurbishing and selling certified used phones, iPads, tablets, and MacBooks. Each device comes with a SmartphonesPLUS guarantee and certification. To receive this, each device must pass a rigorous inspection which includes checking every component for functionality and cosmetic appearance. Every device sold must pass with a score of 100%. Beyond this, a full 30-day warranty comes with every cell phone, tablet, or computer. Just read the reviews, people are saying that SmartphonesPLUS is the best place to buy a used cell phone in Cedar Rapids, IA.

The widest selection of phones, tablets, and accessories

When you’re looking to buy a new iPhone, iPad, etc. it’s good to have some options. Today’s cell phones have many different features that are useful to different people. For example, some phones are better for gaming and immersive videos, while others are better for simplicity, optimal size, and battery life. The experts at SmartphonesPLUS are committed to making sure that you get the device that is right for you. They have the widest selection of phones, tablets, and accessories available in all of Eastern Iowa. If you are unable to find the exact device you’d like in-store they can also special order devices for you!

Buy, sell, and repair services available in-store and online

These days, we all love the convenience of shopping and communicating online. It can make everyday activities much easier and more streamlined. This is why SmartphonesPLUS has made its buy, sell, and repair services available in-store and online. You are able to browse and purchase refurbished cell phones, tablets, and accessories from anywhere. Have an old phone or iPad to sell? SmartphonesPLUS will give you an instant online quote and pay you within a day of receiving it! Did you crack your phone’s screen and need a repair? Simply make an appointment online or ship it in for free. SmartphonesPLUS is the best option available for all things mobile in-store and online!

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