Apple launches the new iPhone 15 September 12th.

It’s that time of the year again! In less than a month, the brand-new Apple iPhone 15 series will be released in all its glory. This year, we’re expecting quite a number of changes to Apple’s latest and greatest. Some changes have left us excited to get the phone in our hands, while others have left us disappointed. So without further ado, here are the five biggest changes coming to the new iPhone 15 series.

Changes Coming to the iPhone 15

Mute Button

Yes, it’s unfortunate that the iPhone is losing its iconic mute switch. For the iPhone 15 series, confirmed leaks have shown us that Apple has favored going for a mute button over the mute switch, which has been around since the original iPhone.

From leaked renders of the upcoming iPhone 15 series, it appears that the new Mute Button will be positioned in the same place the Mute Switch used to be. Apple’s decision to replace the Mute Switch is one tech enthusiasts (including us) have scratched their heads at; hopefully, Apple explains the “why” behind their decision during the upcoming launch event.


Leaks and tips regarding the top-tier version of the iPhone 15 series, the “Pro Max”, have been giving off mixed signals concerning the naming scheme. Some tipsters have come out to say that this year Apple isn’t going with the “Pro Max” name; instead, it’s naming its top-tier phone “Ultra”. So the iPhone 15 Pro Max might actually be the iPhone 15 Ultra. As things stand now, we won’t know if the iPhone 15 Ultra is actually coming until the official keynote day.

Titanium Build 

An exciting change that’s been confirmed in the upcoming iPhone 15 series is a new titanium build and sides. Apple is switching over from its regular stainless steel to titanium. When scaled, Titanium is a lighter, more premium, and more durable material compared to stainless steel. So the upcoming iPhone 15’s frames will be more durable than anything we’ve seen before.

There’s a catch. The durability and advanced premium-ness of Titanium come at an extra cost, and from the leaked data we have as of the time of writing this article, we’re not sure if Titanium will be used in all iPhone 15s or just the Pro/Ultra versions.

USB Type-C… Finally!

Another exciting change and probably the biggest change coming to the upcoming iPhone 15 series is USB Type C. Yes! Apple is finally switching over from the old and outdated lighting port.

As you might already know, Apple isn’t doing this out of the goodness of their hearts or for the sake of progress. They’re finally making the switch because the EU stepped in and forced them to adopt USB-C or they wouldn’t be allowed to sell iPhones in Europe anymore. We have a full article explaining the EU USB-C rule right here.

So, what should you expect now that Apple has finally made the switch? For one, there’s now a universal charging standard. Secondly, faster charging speeds; thirdly, way faster data transfer speeds; and much more.

Dynamic Island for Everybody

Another big change coming to the iPhone 15 series is that Apple is finally saying goodbye to notches completely. In other words, every iPhone 15 (including the Plus and standard versions) will have the Dynamic Island.

Ultra-slim Bezels

The latest iPhone is set to have very thin bezels. From the confirmed leaked renders, Apple has seriously trimmed the bezels of the iPhone 15 series. The Pro Max and Ultra variants have seen the most bezel trim.

So the iPhone 15 series will definitely be one of the most aesthetically pleasing phones out there come September.

Periscope Lens

Apple is finally getting aboard the Zoom train. Leaks have confirmed that, at the very least, the iPhone 15 Ultra/Pro Max will get a Periscope camera. And no, Apple isn’t going to add a fourth camera sensor like Samsung; instead, they’re putting it in place of the usual 3x telephoto lens. From the leaks, the periscope lens is most likely a 6x lens.

No 120hz on non-Pro versions STILL!

Unfortunately, in the year 2023, Apple has still refused to add a 120 Hz high refresh rate to its non-Pro iPhones. Their doing this with the iPhone 14 series last year was bad enough, but at this point, it’s downright criminal of Apple to do this. If even phones under 400 dollars have 120 Hz displays, why should devices that cost at least $800 not have it?


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