How to get a phone for cheap and avoid expensive upgrades?

Best Place to Buy Refurbished and Pre-Owned

One way to avoid paying so much for a new phone is to buy a refurbished or certified pre-owned phone. When you do this, you are able to get a quality phone with many of the latest features while saving a ton of money. If you are someone that is wary about buying a used device look for a company with good guarantees and reviews. When buying used devices from SmartphonesPLUS, all products come with a warranty, great return policy, free shipping, and other added perks. This is why many have left reviews stating that SmartphonesPLUS is the best place to buy a used phone online.

How do you know if a used phone will work with your carrier?

Many of the cell phones that SmartphonesPLUS sells are unlocked which means that they are able to be activated with any major carrier including Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, T-Mobile, AT&T, and others. Unlocked phones can sometimes be activated in other countries as well. You can also find carrier-specific phones to buy. This will be stated in the title of the product like this: Apple iPhone 11 64GB (Verizon). This means that this specific iPhone is only unlocked for Verizon’s service. You can get an even better deal when buying carrier-specific cell phones as they are usually cheaper than buying unlocked. Just keep in mind that you will be unable to switch your cell phone to a different carrier if it is carrier-specific.

Locally, it is common for people to search the internet for “iPhone near me.” There are options for free local pickup and dropoff from reputable local companies like SmartphonesPLUS. Transactions with these companies are a safer bet than buying from a stranger on Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace. There are also no guarantees that you will receive a quality product from these online marketplaces that offer little to no seller protection. If you would like to request a local pickup submit a request on the contact us form

SmartphonesPLUS buys everything from used cell phones to Apple watches – you can sell yours too!

All of these electronics are then refurbished, if needed, then put through a rigorous inspection process. Every device must pass the inspection process with a 100% score to be certified for resale. SmartphonesPLUS has 3 conditions for the devices they sell: Excellent, Good, and Fair. The descriptions for each condition are: Excellent – Contains almost no scuffs, scratches, or marks. It is in full working condition. Good – Shows light to moderate signs of wear. May contains a few light scratches or marks. It is in full working condition. Fair – Contains moderate to excessive signs of wear, scratches, marks, or dents. It is in full working condition. Every device sold will always be in full working order. You can even sell your old phone when buying a new one to bring the cost down even more!

Another way to avoid paying ridiculously high prices for new electronics is to get them repaired.

Electronics last much longer than the time it takes to release a new device. When a phone is cracked, for example, it is the first reaction for many to replace it with a new one. Today, there are many options available for getting these electronics repaired for 90% less than upgrading. Pickup, dropoff, and even free mail-in services are available. 

iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel phones, other cellphones, iPads, and MacBooks can all be repaired instead of upgrading. Popular repairs available from SmartphonesPLUS for these devices include screen repair, battery replacements, charging port repair, and water damage repair. Click here to get a free online quote or to start a repair. 

Here is a hand-picked collection of a few good deals on certified pre-owned devices:

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