5 Reasons to buy refurbished

The refurbished phone market has seen a lot of growth in recent years, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Of course, as the market grows and becomes more popular, so do questions about refurbished devices. In this article, we’ll go over the top reasons why you should buy refurbished phones instead of new or used ones.

No Contracts

By going refurbished, you avoid the need to lock into expensive 24-month contracts.

Most refurbished phones come unlocked. That is, your smartphone isn’t tied to one particular carrier network. So you’re free to use your phone with any network you choose, all while saving more money.

 Here’s an example to give you a perspective on just how much money you can save by going refurbished. Currently, if the S21 FE is your dream phone and T-Mobile is your preferred carrier, It’ll cost $29.17 for 24 months. Let’s say you’re an average user, so you opt-in for T-Mobile’s Bare Essential 20GB unlimited data plan at $45 (tax and charges excluded). That’ll cost you $74 per month. When you sum up your total cost after 2 years, It’ll round up to $1778.88 in 2 years.

 If you instead decide to shop with SmartphonePLUS, you can get the refurbished S21 FE for anywhere from $300-$500, and we also offer the option of splitting your payments into 4 installments over 4 months. 

 As you can see, going refurbished has the potential to save you a lot of money. This leads us into our next point…cost.

Very Affordable

One of the biggest advantages refurbished devices have over brand-new smartphones is their affordability. Most of the time, refurbished phones are over 30% cheaper than their brand-new counterparts. They’re certified, and in perfect working condition. So when you buy refurbished from a reputable dealer like SmartphonesPLUS, you save a significant amount and get more value for your money.

Better Than Used

Did you know? There actually is a difference between buying a “used” phone and a “refurbished” one. Refurbished phones are generally a safer and better buy than used phones due to the fact that most credible refurbished phone sellers like SmartphonesPLUS run a thorough check to make sure every device in their possession is 100% functional. And if any part of the device is found to be faulty, it is taken in for repairs. This is generally not the case with used phones. Most of the time, the phone is sold as it is.

 Also, when you opt for a refurbished device instead of a second-hand smartphone, you are more likely to get a warranty and in-box accessories like charging cables.

Better for the environment

demonstrates recycling electronics

It’s no secret that it takes a lot of natural resources to make brand-new smartphones. And then, just 2 years after so much has been put into making a single device, it just ends up in a landfill as E-waste. E-waste comprises a whopping 70% of all toxic landfills and smartphones alone make up over 10% of that figure.

So, by buying refurbished phones instead of brand-new ones, you extend the lifespan of the device. This then translates to fewer phones being dumped into landfills, reduced toxicity, unnecessary use of raw materials to make new phones, and overall less e-waste.

Get a Better Phone

Hand holding multiple different iPhones. These are an example of phones you could purchase refurbished.

Refurbished phones are always more pocket-friendly than brand-new ones. That means more people will be able to get better smartphones. Money that could only afford you a high-mid range brand new device would now be able to get you a premium/flagship device.

If you’re looking for more refurbished smartphone options from a reputable source, check out UpTrade, a credible reseller that makes it easy to find the perfect device for you!

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